Nikkie x Ofra: Makeup Your Mind


I’m a weak person, but I’m not that weak of a person, and the fact that I couldn’t open one of the lipsticks in the Ofra x NikkieTutorials set should have been a clear giveaway that I would hate it, but it was not.

I bought this set with really high hopes. I have both the Pillowtalk and the Rodeo Drive highlighters, and they’re two of my favorite products in my collection. But this set did not live up to the expectations set in place by my previous purchases and rumors that I have heard about both Ofra as a company and this specific set.

The set came with three liquid lipsticks, two matte and one metallic. There’s an orange with a pink reflect called Spell, a metallic bronze called Coven, and a pink nude called Nude Potion.  The orange was just ugly. It was streaky, it barely covered my lips, and the shade didn’t work for me. I don’t know how it would work on a lot of other people, but I can say I cannot think of a singular person it would look good on.

Here’s the thing with metallic liquid lipsticks: no one likes them. Every single person thinks that they are overdone, and honestly they’re hideous. The one that came with the set was Coven, and while the shade itself would have been pretty if it was a matte, it looked weird on my lips and emphasized the texture that they have.

The last lipstick was Nude Potion. In the tube, the color was gorgeous. It was a pretty nude that looked like a lot of the other liquid lipsticks that I have. However, when put on the lips, I looked like I was dead. It was too pink and too pale, and I’m the palest person I know. This lipstick would not work on anyone’s skin tone, unless you’re Nikkie herself, and even that might be pushing it. Also, it came expired. That’s another thing I was not thrilled with. While it’s a minor thing, when you buy a set everything should be new.

The fact that these lipsticks didn’t work was really upsetting, because in the tubes the colors were stunning, and (at least on my skin) they swatched beautifully too. Like I said, for the most part, these colors won’t work on most people. They are the wrong colors to sell as a set. That being said, the formula of these lipsticks is phenomenal. With the exception of the metallic one, they were soft and dried down fast, which is a must for liquid lipsticks.  They didn’t emphasize texture on my lips, which is really important because a lot of liquid lipsticks do. They also smell like cake, which I really love, but isn’t for everyone.

Despite the awful experience I had with these, I can’t say that I won’t be purchasing some different Ofra lipsticks again. The formula was too good for me to not at least try more. The set also came with the Everglow highlighter, which is a three color pan with a shade for three skin tones. You can mix them together for a shade that is universal for all. The shades are all sold separately, as Glazed Donut, Glow Goals, and Beam the Haters, respectively. Glazed donut is a stark white, which looked gorgeous on my pale complexion. I wear it occasionally. It’s not as in-your-face as their other highlighters are, but it’s pretty.

I can’t really speak to the other two shades because they are too dark for me, but I will say that the gold one looks very similar to Ofra’s best selling highlighter, Rodeo Drive. I would definitely go for the more popular one in this case because it looks so much prettier and it’s almost exactly the same color. The dark shade looks pretty and swatched beautifully. With all that being said, as a whole, I give the set a 5/10. The lipsticks I’m not keeping, because personally they aren’t for me. Someone might get a lot of use out of the metallic one because it is very pretty, but that someone is not me. The highlighter I will probably be keeping, assuming I don’t buy the Glazed Donut shade individually.

The one thing I would say about Ofra as a whole is that nothing looks the same when you get it as it does online, including everything in this set. That isn’t preferable as a buyer, because Ofra isn’t sold in Sephora, and only certain products are sold in Ulta stores. That means you don’t really know what you’re getting until you get it.

You can buy the whole set on Ofra’s website for $79, which is way too much for this set. It didn’t warrant the price. You can buy the Everglow highlighter – as well as the three shades separately – from Ulta’s website and on the Ofra website for $35. The three lipsticks are sold as a set for $50 and separately for $20.