SAAC is back


The Student Athletic Advisory Council better known around campus as “SAAC” is devoted to encouraging enthusiasm for sports here at Kingswood Oxford. Athletics play a huge role in the lives of KO students, and SAAC provides a place where they can advocate for their respective teams and communicate with the athletic board and each other.

President of SAAC Coltrane Joseph, Vice President Mia Seymour and Secretary Molly Baron all have high hopes for the 2018-2019 year for SAAC. The select group of KO athletes uphold the ideals to “Strive to inspire, lead and promote school spirit through athletics” and they certainly exemplify this through all that they do on campus. This year the group is throwing their efforts into arranging more events and having a positive influence on both the group’s members and the school as a whole.

SAAC organizes weekly meetings of the captains of sports team, so that the student body can be kept up to date on each team’s season. Additionally, the student athletes are planing a pink week in October in honor of breast cancer awareness. They are also trying to organize a potential “Powerpuff” game, where female students play a game of flag football coached by the male players the night before a football home game. The KO News believes SAAC’s plans will bring the student body together both on and off the playing field. Their role on campus is not one to be overlooked, as athletics and the student community are central to life here at KO.

SAAC leaders aren’t only concerned with KO athletes. They also want non-athletes to feel welcome and are working to set up activities for Hewitt Day so students who don’t play a sport can have fun in between games. The KO News recognizes and praises the hard work SAAC has been putting into its plans for the upcoming athletic seasons. It’s not easy to plan events and and promote school spirit during and after athletic games!

SAAC has the potential to be a very well-respected group on campus and will work the whole year to influence the athletic scene in a positive way that advocates for every athlete and sports team at KO, bringing  excitement to each game and practice. The KO News would like to applaud SAAC and its members for all of their hard work this year and their efforts to raise school spirit and athletic involvement.