Player of the Month: Senior Thomas Betts


Thomas Betts

Senior Thomas Betts, in his third year on the varsity cross country team, has stepped up to be a leader and captain. He has been running since seventh grade and has been on the team since freshman year. “I have really enjoyed running at KO,” said Betts.

Betts enjoys cross country for many reasons: one of them being that it is simply a way to get outside. “It is a lot of fun running at the reservoir and competing with my teammates during practice and meets,” said Betts.   

Betts takes the role as a captain very seriously. “Tom has been a good leader especially in the summer training and overall leadership,” Head Coach Fritz Goodman said. Junior runner Will Burstein said he agreed. “Tom is a hardworking and dedicated captain and has been trying to motivate the other runners on the team.”

The team is in a rebuilding year, so every practice counts. “Preseason was successful,” Betts said. “We had good attendance, particularly from new members of the team which is not always the case. Which has allowed us to get further along in our training than would be possible otherwise.” Betts said that he believes that joking around helps to lighten the mood, but working hard and encouraging one another is what makes the team close. “I try to bring the team together by making practices fun while still training seriously,” he said.

Betts said he is excited for the season. “I am really looking forward to the Marianapolis Invitational on September 26 and the Shaler Invitational at Williston Northampton the following week,” he said. Betts said he is familiar with the courses this season.“They both have great courses and tough competition.”

He said he hopes that later on in the season when he hits his stride he will be able to beat his 2017 Division III New England’s time of 19:31.  He dropped over three minutes from his 2016 New England’s time, an impressive improvement. As the season starts to ramp up with meets, the team hopes that Betts will continue to lead the team and run even faster.