Coach of the month: girls varsity soccer Head Coach Tracy Deeter


Girls varsity Head Coach, Tracy Deeter is as good as it gets when it comes to coaching. She has accomplished many successes throughout her soccer career as both a coach and a player. She started playing soccer when she was five and only improved from there. After graduating from high school, she played division one soccer for Eastern Michigan University.

After graduating from Eastern Michigan University she worked as a computer programer for Auto Owners Insurance in Michigan. After working there for three months, she got a call from a coach from Eastern Michigan who said he had gotten an opportunity for Coach Deeter to play in Germany and try out for the prestigious Hamburger SV women team. So, Coach Deeter then took a plane to Germany and tried out for the professional womens German team.

Coach Deeter unsurprisingly made this very acclaimed team and got a good deal to play the sport she loves as she only had practices in the evening. She said that the fan base was great in Europe and was very different from the United States. “Soccer is everything in Europe,” Coach Deeter said. She said that the language barrier wasn’t very hard to overcome as mostly everyone there speaks English. But, after a season of playing internationally, Coach Deeter returned to the U.S. since her parents weren’t very happy with her decision to play abroad because they thought she was wasting her college education. “My biggest regret is not staying in Germany,” Coach Deeter said.

She came back to the U.S. and worked as a statistician. Coach Deeter’s own soccer career as a professional player might have been over, but she continued her passion for soccer. She then started coaching for a soccer club in Kentucky. She said that she really liked coaching, so she thought she might like teaching, as well. “An opportunity to teach at KIngswood Oxford came up, and it worked out well” Coach Deeter said. Her greatest memories of coaching were the soccer team’s preseason and winning the New England Class B tournament in 2010. “The girls used to plan a preseason trip each year and go away along the shore or to New Hampshire,” Coach Deeter said. “It was a great bonding experience and that was one of the reasons why we were so successful.”

As the girls varsity soccer head coach, Coach Deeter has brought a lot to the school. She is fully committed to the team. “Coach Deeter comes to practice every day,” junior defender Murphy Kearney said. “She is eager to succeed.” She said her fondest memory as a kid, was oranges at halftime. As an adult she enjoyed winning the mid American conference in college. Coach Deeter was inspired by some of the soccer greats. “I looked up to Shannon McMillan and Mia Hamm and Cobi Jones.”