KO goes clubbing


Every year, the Upper School hosts a club fair where student leaders first inform the community about their club during a brief assembly,  then set up a sign-up booth for students in the caf.

The fair presents a great opportunity for students to get involved in various clubs and to hear about everything that is going on around campus; however, what usually happens at the club fair is that students sign up for an unreasonably high number of clubs that they do not have the time to actually pursue.

Now, as we have hit the time of year where our schedules have become familiar and homework and assessments seem to be piling up more and more, the KO News understands that giving up  precious free time for an extracurricular club can sometimes feel like a waste; however, we think it is important for students to be involved in activities on campus outside of classes as a way to explore various interests and get to know students who are not in their grade. We don’t think students should waste their free time at multiple clubs they are not truly interested in but rather we urge students to try to uphold their commitment to the club they feel most passionate about. It is more important to be part of one club that can make a difference on campus than to be an inactive member of multiple groups. So, in the future, rather than signing up for a club because they are offering food or stickers think about their mission and if you want to devote time to help them achieve it.

The club fair is a very valuable event in the Upper School, so we just want to remind students that more is not always better and that they should  be mindful in the future when signing up for clubs next year. Remember, that when you write your name on the club sign up sheet you are making a commitment to the club and its leaders that you will attend meetings and support the organization’s aspirations throughout the year. Clubs are a very important part of the KO community as they encourage people to be leaders and commit themselves to their passions. So if you have not joined a club yet this year we suggest you reach out to a leader and see if they still have space for one more enthusiastic member, because most likely they will welcome you with open arms. We are so impressed with the potential of the clubs this year and we are very excited to see what all of them are able to accomplish this year.