DisKO Draws Unrivaled Atten(dance)


On Saturday Oct. 13, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., Kingswood Oxford held the annual homecoming dance, which was a chance for the Upper School to celebrate and party together.

KO’s Spirit week always occurs the week before the dance, so Upper School  students spend a week celebrating before the culminating event on Saturday night.  

The dance takes place on a Saturday and in past years has not always had incredibly high student attendance.

So this year, the Student Government Association changed how they advertised and planned the dance, in an effort to have higher attendance.

“We were really focused on marketing the dance really well,” senior Speaker Andrew Holland said. “We wanted the dance to be big and fun. So we came up with the idea of the fashion show and the different theme reveal.”

This year’s theme was DisKO. “In our original SGA meeting we brainstormed a bunch of ideas until we decided upon the DisKO theme,” Andrew said.

After the theme was decided, the SGA commissioned a poster from junior Juliana Kulak; copies were posted around the entire school.

The posters were put up after the theme was officially announced during the Tuesday assembly before the dance.

The previous Tuesday assembly, the student government association had held a fashion show for spirit week.

However, for the theme announcement, the SGA had a Google slides presentation accompanied by music.

Due to all of the SGA’s efforts in advertising, there was higher student attendance at this year’s Homecoming compared to past years. The students that attended the dance were rewarded with extensive decorations.

“[Sophomore] Sloan Duvall was the biggest contributor to decorating,” Andrew said. “She was in charge of setting up decorations and was there three hours before the dance started.”  

The decorations were all centered around the DisKO theme.

The dance was a chance for students to relax and have fun. “Homecoming is about partying and having a good time within the KO community,” Dean of Students William Gilyard said.

A new side to homecoming was added by SGA to Homecoming this year. Other than raising the price of Homecoming to six dollars, they also were collecting money for two schools in Hartford.

“All of our events are trying to raise money for Grace Academy and Covenant Prep this year,” Andrew said. “We really thought we could help out if we spent a year focusing on one organization at all of our events.”

This year, Homecoming had higher student attendance and was able to raise money, thanks to the hard work of the Student Government Association and the Parent Association.