A.C. Peterson’s is a flop-jack


A.C. Peterson’s is an American restaurant and ice cream parlor in West Hartford. It is known as a local spot to go grab decently priced ice cream or a delicious American style meal. However, when I went there I was very disappointed.

We went in on a Sunday morning for a quality breakfast and right from the start we were discontented.

We had been ignored by staff for about 20 minutes until a server finally came by. We then got to order drinks, which was a coffee, orange juice, and water and that took another solid 20 to receive. Then we ordered food which was two sets of two pancakes and a slice of pumpkin pie and a fruit cup.

We received the food reasonably fast, probably to make up for the long wait we previously endured. The pancakes were nothing special. They looked like a bisquick mix but the size somewhat made up for the taste.

I believe that if you are going out to eat pancakes, which is a traditional American breakfast food and is practically a staple, that it should look like a homemade batter and taste like it.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Another thing that I did not enjoy was the syrup. Syrup is probably one of the most common breakfast condiment for waffles or pancakes.The syrup at Petersons tasted like  store bought over sugared syrup which ruined one of my pancakes to the point where I looked up and thought “Why did I even put this on my pancake? It just ruined it, but at least I have another one, right?”

The pumpkin pie was not so great either. It came out warm, which was nice, but the crust had an unappealing pale color to it, almost like it had been undercooked. Also when you  tried and cut into it, the crust wouldn’t stay attached and you would get the filling only.  The crust then looked like it hadn’t even been filled yet.

The only satisfying part of the meal was the fruit cup. It came in a cute little glass and you could tell that the fruit was fresh and not deeply refrigerated so that it would be gross.

Finally the check arrived and it was not terribly priced for what we had received. I believe it cost a total of $20.00 + tip for a meal for three. A.C. Petersen’s is located at 240 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119 and can be reached at (860) 233-8483.