KO Football


The KO football team just got the spark they needed. On Nov. 3, they played against Portsmouth Abby and racked up an impressive win. The wyverns offense racked up an impressive 26 points against their opponents, with the defense locking down their opponent and not letting them score.

“I’m so proud of our players,” Head Coach Jason Martinez said, “we had multiple guys step up and represent our team and the school well.”

Overall, there were five players who stood out this past week. Junior wide receiver Wes Pierce scored an impressive two touchdowns. As for defense, Peirce was a constant contributor for the Wyverns with multiple tackles. Senior running Broox Bolden scored a touchdown on a 50 yard run. He was also unstoppable on defense, providing great pass protection and making tackles on the run game. Sophomore wide receiver Jeffrey Davis also had a great game. He scored a touchdown by catching a pass from junior quarterback Samuel Capodice. Davis also played safety on defense and helped shut down the opposing offense.

In addition, Junior quarterback Sam Capodice continues to play well and is a consistent contributor for the Wyverns. He threw for a total of  three touchdowns. Some other names to mention are Senior cornerback Coltrane Joseph, who batted down balls left and right on defense. Senior Josh Leshem, who caused multiple forced fumbles and gave the opposing offensive line a hard time. Junior Nick Stolfi, who had an excellent punt towards the end of the game that put the Portsmouth offense too far away to score in time.

“We played a complete game,” Assistant Coach Kocay said, “On top of many outstanding performances, we didn’t stop until the end. That is something we struggled with in the past.”

The Wyverns have been fighting for another win over the past couple of weeks after losing their first game against Dexter Southfield School. This win has reinspired the team and kept the Wyverns in contending for a bowl game and the championship title.

A few of the team’s key players have suffered from injuries recently. With Senior center Steven Howard out for the season and sophomore running back Justin Edwards out with a concussion, the Wyverns have struggled with filling positions.

Luckily, some younger and JV players have stepped up and helped this team in many ways. On top of being the scout team during practice and playing in their own games, they have really perfected their skills and were prepared when their name were called. “I’m really proud of our younger players,” Coach Martinez said, “without them, we would be struggling to field a team.”

In addition, the Wyverns recently defeated Hyde school in maine. They won with an impressive, 46-6 score. Now, the Wyverns are waiting for their league to decide who will continue onto a bowl game and who’s season will end. The Wyvern look to go onto the playoffs buy with some recent upsets in opposing teams games, nobody is certain on who will make it into the playoffs.