Girls basketball off to rough first stretch, looking forward to KITs


Girls varsity basketball started out the season 0-4 but looks to continue growing as a team and prove to be strong competitors as the KITS approach on Dec. 14. In the first game of the season, senior guard Desiree Davis was recognized with a 1000th point ball during the course of the game for scoring her 1000th point last year. The team went up against a strong Taft School team that had some good players at every position. Although the Wyverns fought hard, the girls fell short 56-30.

As the season progressed, that seemed to have been the theme for the next couple of games. The girls still remain positive and are determined to fight and play until the very last moment. Junior Co-captain guard Angelina Maselli said the team’s goals are to learn how to gel and play as one unit. With a team on the younger side, Head Coach Quinn O’Brien really wants the team to learn how to play together. “He makes us prioritize the defensive end and getting a stop there, and then letting the offensive piece fall into place,” Maselli said.

This year the team has two new coaches, Coach O’Brien and Assistant Coach Terese Cerins. New coaches coming in usually means rebuilding for the team, adapting to a new style of play and new defensive methods, and this is no exception for the Wyverns. Coach O’Brien said that he wants the team to get better everyday. “I want them to be more process-focused not results-focused and to develop an unselfish atmosphere” Coach O’Brien said.

Coach O’Brien, Coach Cerins and the team have learned a new motto, INAM, which stands for it’s not about me. Coach O’Brien said a normal practice for the team is actually a very non-traditional practice for most. There are no water breaks, meaning just get water when you are out of a drill, and they really have no down time. “When they walk into this gym they know it’s time to work,” Coach Cerins said.

Coach O’Brien said that although it may seem nerve-wracking being a first year coach, it really isn’t like that if you don’t focus on the overall pressure. “We just try to focus on what we want to accomplish everyday,” he said. Senior forward Madi Henry said she really likes the new coaches they have this year. “They both have good knowledge of the game and constantly give us advice, which is really helpful,” Henry said.

Maselli said that she’s very excited for KITs. “It’s always a really great time and experience,” she said. “The team always bonds and it brings out the best in the players. I think the excitement makes us play better. The progress from game one to the KITs is going to be noticeable. Hopefully we will have a lot of fans at both the girls and boys game.”

Senior Co-captain forward Jane Dunbar said she is also looking forward to the KITs. “I hope a lot of people will come out and support because it’s really fun playing at home in front of a big crowd,” she said. “It will also be a lot of girls on the teams first time playing in that type of environment which makes it even more exciting.” The girls square off against The Holderness school Friday, Dec. 14, for their first round game of the KITs.