Fashionista of the Month: Jaden DiMauro


In his second year at KO, junior Jaden DiMauro has truly showed his growth in his awesome and unique fashion sense.

He stated that he does not have one specific store where he mainly shops, but tends to mix things up. His best finds are usually located at stores such as Nordstrom’s, Robert Graham, J. Crew, and Macy’s. With all of these options, Jaden sure has a good eye for finding the perfect clothing items.

Along with this, he does not have one specific favorite clothing brand, but rather bases his wardrobe off his tastes and opinions on each piece of clothing. If he sees something that looks good, he will wear it regardless of the brand. As of right now, his favorite piece of clothing is a white and grey sweater from  Robert Graham. It shows off his style and classy look in one outfit.

When describing his overall look, Jaden stated that he definitely has a unique appearance. “I tend to wear shirts with intricate patterns,” Jaden said. “My shirts are usually the focal point of my outfits.”

The outfits that he wears are not directly inspired by others, but if he sees someone wearing something that he likes, he will look for a similar item. In addition, he loves to add many key accessories to his outfits to add a touch of fun. An example of this is the fun and colorful socks that he will wear with dressier shoes. When he does not wear the fancy shoes, he makes sure to show off all the awesome sneakers that he has.

Jaden’s overall look mainly consists of either blue or red incorporated in some way or another. When asked if he was a trend setter, the answer was simple.“I’d say that my outfits are definitely unique enough that if someone else were to dress like I did, I would be considered a trend setter,” Jaden said.

As he is Fashionista of the Month, Jaden suggested that if one has trouble picking out an outfit, to wear what one personally think looks good, no matter how different or unique it is. “If you like it enough, you can pull it off,” Jaden said. Overall, with Jaden’s bright and stylish shirts and socks, he certainly knows how to inspire others to stand out in our community and show off their creativity.