[Bonus content] Fall into Wyvern style: a glance at fashion trends


Around the senior green, a sea of students wear plain sweaters and North Face jackets.  However, a few stand out from the crowd in unique outfits with runway-inspired pieces. One girl looks cozy but stylish in an oversized, fuzzy jacket. Another looks retro chic with high waisted plaid pants. A few other girls look trendy in cute camo cargo pants and cropped corduroy jackets.  

These are just a few of the fashion trends that have stood out this year on KO’s campus. They are both dress code approved and look fresh off the runway.  

The “fuzzy jacket” trend is both functional for New England weather and adorable.  Fuzzy jackets, or “teddy-bear” jackets, can be made out of sherpa, faux fur, or shearling. They come in many colors, but the most popular appear to be neutrals such as tan, black, white and light pink.

The fuzzy jacket trend exploded after the brand I. AM. GIA released their “pixie coat” in early 2018. The pixie coat, which retails for $110 and comes in caramel, black, red and white, is described as an “oversized teddy coat.” Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, and Selena Gomez are seen wearing the pixie coat on their Instagram pages.

Now, almost every brand has made their version of a fuzzy jacket and shoppers can’t get enough. Senior Jacqueline Dugan is one of these mesmerized shoppers. “I have three different colors of fuzzy jackets,” Jacqueline said. “I wear a different one every single day because I am obsessed with them.”

Sophomore Maddie Theissen enjoys wearing fuzzy jackets because of their practicality.  “I like fuzzy jackets because they are warm,” Maddie said. Junior Remy McCoy agreed with Maddie and also said she finds them easy to throw on with every outfit.

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Urban Outfitters Cropped Teddy Jacket

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Corduroy is another material that has recently made a comeback on KO’s campus.  Skirts, pants, dresses, and jackets in a wide array of colors are popular corduroy items. This 70s style became trendy after brands like Urban Outfitters and Zara gave them a modern twist by designing mini skirts and cropped jackets made out of corduroy.

Sophomore Margo Dowgiewicz thinks this trend is perfect for this time of year. “They are great for fall attire because they come in all sorts of colors,” Margo said. Sophomore Melissa Hasbrouck is another wearer of this trend. “I love how the material is soft and keeps me warm,” Melissa said. “I also think it is very stylish.”  

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Besides fabrics, a print that can be found all over KO’s campus is camouflage. Camo pants, skirts, shirts, dresses and even jackets are all popular clothing items. This trend seems to have caught on after many designers featured camo on their runways during fashion month, which took place in September of this year. Designers like Zadig & Voltaire, Jeremy Scott, and Michael Kors all incorporated camo into their shows, whether it be with camo jackets, cargo pants, or even pencil skirts.  

Many KO students have caught on to the camo trend and have incorporated it into their school wardrobes. Junior Sophia Kaufman is a big supporter of the camo trend. “I have camo leggings, pants, a shirt, a coat, and a skirt,” Sophia said. “I love camo because it is a great new fashion trend that helps you be unique and stylish.”

Sophomore Shreeya Chalikonda said she also loves this trend because of its  usefulness. “I have black camo pants, which I like because you can just wear it with a plain t-shirt and it looks cute,” Shreeya said.

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This next print is a blast from the past. All around campus, 90s-inspired plaid pants can be seen on the legs of trendsetting girls. This preppy, throwback style became popular when models like Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber transformed this trend from work wear to chic street style in the spring and fall of 2018. High waisted, paper bag, and flair-cut plaid pants in black, tan, navy, and burgundy are some popular renditions of this trend.

Sophomore Snehaa Ram said she really enjoys a darker plaid print. “Yesterday I wore black and white plaid pants,” Snehaa said, “I like the way it contrasts the colors outside.”

Senior Nell Schwartz thinks this trend is perfect for the season. “I like them because they are different and especially good for fall,” Nell said.

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Kingswood Oxford students have certainly dressed to impress this year. From jackets to skirts to pants, Wyverns have been in style from head to toe. 

BONUS TREND! [Web-Exclusive]

Cute shoes are a necessity to finish off a trendy outfit. White, platform, sneakers seem to be the shoe of choice around campus. Early this year, models started incorporating white sneakers into their “model-off-duty” street style looks. The most popular is the “Triple S Trainers” from Balenciaga. These “oversized multi material sneakers” retail for $895 and can be seen on Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner. Many brands have made their version of a trendy, white sneaker and are a staple in many KO student’s wardrobes.  Sophomore Annelise Vaughn wears Nike Air Force One sneakers. “I think they are cute, they match with a lot. And they make me taller because they are platform,” Annelise said. Sophomore Lily Brezenoff loves her Fila Disruptor 2 Premium Sneakers. “I bought these shoes because they are really cute and go with all my clothes,” Lily said. Clearly this style of shoe is both functional and stylish for school.

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