Coach Krugman guides boys A soccer to victory

In the Middle

According to Middle School boys A soccer Head Coach Andy Krugman, a player can choose between “pretty and pretty effective” soccer every day.

Coach Krugman started playing soccer when he was a student here at KO. From seventh grade on, he played on the basketball and soccer teams for six years, and he said he thoroughly enjoyed it.

While studying as an Upper School student, he played varsity tennis, which he also currently coaches. Coach Krugman has been coaching for 12 years, and with all this experience, he’s earned the admiration of his players. His expertise allows him to make great strategic decisions as the action unfolds on the field.

“In a perfect world, a team could possess the ball and capitalize,” Coach Krugman said. A player needs to have the ball and use it well. Capitalizing is recognizing a good opportunity and acting on it.

This year, Coach Krugman has done an excellent job of bringing out the best in his team, leading his team to three victories this season. He is skilled at trapping, throwing and different kicking techniques, and these are the skills he tries to teach his players. “He knows what we like,” eighth-grader midfielder Ignacio Feged said. Coach Krugman adjusts his training style to fit what his players need and what they want.

“Part of my playing has the Krugman stamp of only three touches, and I really appreciate that,” Feged said, referring to Coach Krugman’s limit of passing or shooting within touching the ball three times.

His strategy of three touches helps incorporate more teamwork and makes his players value every opportunity they get. Every day, he brings a new activity to practice, whether it’s thunderdome, waters conditioning or a scrimmage.

“He knows what he wants us to do but he changes it,” Feged said. “He has a specific thing he wants us to do, a specific plan. But he can change his plans based on what we like.”

Coach Krugman has high expectations for his players. All of his players need to think of the team first, make an impact, and have a certain level of skill.

According to Coach Krugman, the best games were the Eaglebrook School and Renbrook School games because they were so close. “I liked to see how the newer players improved at the end of the season,”  eighth-grader midfielder Ethan Leshem said.

Thanks to Coach Krugman’s excellent coaching skills, the entire team has improved. “He clearly stands out from his way of being very down to earth and approachable,” Feged said. “His manner of coaching is something I really like.”

Over his coaching career, Coach Krugman has enhanced the abilities of generations of KO soccer players and he will no doubt continue to do so in the foreseeable future.