Epic Coffeehouse


On Friday, Nov. 30, the first epic Coffeehouse of the year took place in the library. Several KO students took this opportunity to showcase their talents, whether it was singing, spoken word, poetry or playing an instrument.

Performances included a stand-up comedy routine by senior Janvi Sikand, Rihanna’s “Stay” performed by senior Isa Raymond, and singing by sophomore Molly Carroll. The theme of the Coffeehouse was BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket), and several snacks and drinks were provided for attendees.

Junior Juanita Asapokhai, a member of the epic staff, said that extensive planning went on to make sure that the Coffeehouse went well. “[The staff] met in September to talk about logistics, themes, possible dates as well as delegating tasks for everyone — food, drinks, advertisement, clean up, and set up,” she said. When asked about what she thought of the performances, she said that she appreciated the guts and courage it takes to perform in front of the KO community. “I thought the performances were great, and I loved hearing from the freshman that performed,” she said. “I liked the overall ambiance as well, the lighting and the coziness of the library venue. The bring your own blanket theme was also very good. Most of all, though, I want to commend the performers for sharing their talents with our school community.”

Sophomore Cici Chagnon, who attended the Coffeehouse, agreed. “I thought overall they were very good, and it was cool that there were a variety of acts and not just signing, such as poetry and spoken word,” she said. “It was also great seeing people who I didn’t know had these amazing talents perform.” She also liked the BYOB concept. “I liked the whole BYOB thing, which made it cozy and cute,” Cici said. “The snacks were good, and I would give the hot chocolate a 10/10. It was better than a regular concert where you go and sit down, because it was more of a fun, casual gathering.” Juanita said that despite the lower turnout at this Coffeehouse than at previous ones, it did not take away from the overall quality of the evening, and she looks forward to the next one.