Evaluate responsibly


Often, teachers make it a point to ensure a productive and comfortable classroom environment for their students; however, no one is perfect, and there are often areas in which students feel their teacher could use some improvement.

So, each department over the next few months will be sending out surveys for each student to review how their teachers carry the classroom and their general teaching style.

Each year, when students receive this survey, some take their time to thoughtfully fill out the form while others brush it off, leaving short sentences and little thought.

Some students do this because they don’t really care about the survey, and others do this because they feel the survey is ineffective and that teachers don’t really adjust the way they teach after reading student comments.

But, the survey truly provides an opportunity for students to anonymously and honestly tell the teacher how they think the class has been going so far without fear of being penalized.

The KO News suggests that if students want their teachers to take the surveys seriously and use it as a platform for change, then students must also put as much effort when they take 15 minutes at the end of their designated period to fill out the survey.

We recommend that each student should truthfully fill out the survey but also remember that teachers do have feelings and read all of the comments.

We also want to encourage teachers to, after reading the filled out surveys, address what they noticed directly to the class in order to reassure students that they are paying attention and taking the students’ words to heart.

The editorial board believes that these surveys are crucial for honest feedback from students so we want to remind the community that filling out this simple survey can serve as a great platform for change; it’s not just a silly survey.

However, we do think that the survey could be put to better use this year than it has been in the past, assuming that students remain thoughtful in their comments and teachers are open to hearing feedback and making changes in their classrooms.