Fashionista of the month: Nell Schwartz


For the past seven years at KO, senior Nell Schwartz has certainly showed off her unique and stylish fashion sense.

She tends to shop at a wide range of stores, including Urban Outfitters, Free People, Nordstrom, H&M, and her favorite, Forever 21. With so many options, her wardrobe is quite extensive.

Additionally, Nell said her favorite clothing brands for everyday wear include I. AM. GIA, Fila, and Free People; the more high end stores that she enjoys are Di$count Universe, Louis Vuitton, and Versace.

“I would describe my style as bold and versatile,” Nell said. “I like to take risks. Sometimes, I love to dress really bohemian, sometimes glam, sometimes vintage. I definitely don’t have one style.”

Nell certainly has the ability to change up her styles daily and appeal to many different occasions. “I look up to certain influencers like Olivia Jade, sometimes Kylie Jenner, but mostly just myself,” Nell said. With such great self love, Nell constantly uses her own voice to inspire others.

Nell also shared that the clothing and outfits that she wears on the weekend are similar, but slightly different from her school looks. This is because there is no dress code to follow, allowing for a little more skin, graphic items, crop tops, and denim.

Some necessary accessories that add a fun touch to her outfits are necklaces and rings that are often layered on each other. While, she does not love bracelets, she occasionally adds a statement belt or fun sunglasses for looks outside of school.

With a diverse love for fashion, Nell does not have one specific favorite piece of clothing, but she does love shoes. “From cool sneakers to heels, they can make or break an outfit,”Nell said. “I also love cool, big jackets.”

She does not necessarily have an outfit color scheme, but will wear any color to switch things up.

In the fashion world, Nell said that she and her friends collaborate to create cool outfits. ”I do consider myself somewhat of a trend setter,” Nell said. “I gain inspiration from a lot of people, especially my friends because we like to build off of each other.”

If one has trouble picking out outfits, Nell said to  just be one’s self. Everyone has their own fashion sense, and it is important to wear clothing that one genuinely likes and feels good in. “Adding a cool statement piece,” Nell said, “whether a necklace, some shoes, or a belt can add that special something to an outfit and take it up a notch.”