Players of the Moment: Football Offensive Line

In the Middle

When asked to nominate an impact player, Middle School football Head Coach Matt Kocay nominated his entire offensive line. “The offensive line as a unit was very solid for us,” he said. “They were selfless and exemplified teamwork.”

This hardworking group of young men consisted of offensive-linemen Ethan Shames, Pierce Flynn, James Livingstone, Jack Gold, and Patrick Kinney. All but Livingstone, who is a seventh-grader, are in eighth grade.

According to Shames, the offensive line played well this year. “This year was very successful for my team and me,” he said. “I blocked well and was proud of my performance.”

Flynn said he was also pleased with his performance. “Overall, it was a great season, and I am proud to be a part of the KO football team, and especially the offensive line.”  

The team’s success resulted in a 1-1-2 finish. Coach Kocay and his players were satisfied with this record, but they would’ve liked to win more games. Shames expressed his minor disappointment. “I wish we could’ve won more games, and we had too many spoiled opportunities,” he said.

Shames said that his favorite moment of the season was a play which resulted in a touchdown. “The highlight of the season was on a play called 49G-toss,” he said. “This is a toss to the running back to the right, so I can pull out of the line, and I absolutely leveled a kid, and we scored.”

Flynn’s highlight of the season was knocking opposing players to the turf. “The highlight of the season was blocking someone so hard, that they fell on the ground,” he said.

Gold’s highlight of the season was not limited to one singular moment. “When the defensive player doesn’t know what he’s doing and I can hold him in place,” he said.

Livingstone’s favorite part of the season happened very early on.“The first game, because this was new to me and the other guys helped me know where to be and what to do,” he said.

Flynn descrbed another highlight of the season. “During the first game, Devin Wolff the quarterback, was going to run the ball into the endzone for a touchdown because there was a gap in the defensive line, that I had made for him to run through.”

Shames is already hopeful for next season.“I feel like I will continue to improve, over the years to come,” he said.

Flynn is eager to continue working on his skills.“I will continue to work hard in the off-season to come back next year better than the last year,” said Flynn.

Kinney took a moment to reflect on his development this season.“I most improved in my blocking assignments and how to block better for my team,” he said.