Pinero hosts bake sale


On Monday, Nov. 3, and Tuesday, Nov. 4, during lunch one and two junior Josie Pinero hosted a bake sale to raise money for the Greater Harvest North Church Capital Campaign Building Fund.

On Sunday, Dec. 2, Josie sent out an email to remind the community about her upcoming bake sale outlining the purpose of it and the costs of the goods. “Please support by buying delicious baked goods,” she said. “All proceeds go towards the charity of building a new day care in New Britain. Everything will be less than five dollars, and cash only.”

Josie said the Greater Harvest North Church just bought two acres of land, and the money raised will go towards building a new affordable daycare and church on this land in New Britain for all the people of New Britain.

Josie had a lot of help from other students and faculty when organizing the bake sale, including senior Sydni Jett and juniors Amelia Levine, Trinity Hudson, Jocelyn Ram, Sidney Taffe and sophomore Christina Lu. Associate Director of College Advising Peggy Clark and science teacher Lisa Bailey also pitched in to help.

Josie said that she asked a few people to help her out, but most of the students came up to her and asked if they could lend a hand. Josie invited all of the people who said they would bake for the bake sale to do it at her house. “Some people baked at my house and some people baked at their own house,” she said.

Sydni was one of the students who wanted to be involved. “I thought it was a really sweet thing to do, so I asked if she needed any help,” Sydni said.

Ms. Clark said that she wanted to bake some gluten free desserts so that more people would be able to participate in supporting Josie and the daycare. “I heard she was doing the bake sale, and I offered to bake some gluten free cookies so that people who have gluten sensitivities or celiac disease could buy something at the bake sale,” she said.  

Jocelyn also felt passionate about this fundraiser. “I volunteered my time to help a cause bigger than me, and I really enjoyed helping my friend out while doing something good for the children and the daycare,” she said.

Ms. Bailey baked some delicious brownies to be sold. “I baked cookie brownies, and I made them for Monday and they sold out so I made them again for Tuesday,” she said.

Sydni baked two dozen sugar cookies, brought in multiple other baked goods and helped to actually sell the baked goods. Sydni said this was her first time being involved in a bake sale, so she did not really know how much money they would actually be able to raise.

Josie said their goal was to raise $120 and they ended up raising $250 by the end of the two days. Josie said she was ecstatic that they were able to raise so much money and she plans on doing more events in the near future like a coin drive.

Josie said she could not have done this without other members from the KO community as this was her own initiative and she did not have a club backing her up. “I thank everyone for supporting and hope everything was delicious and hopefully we will do more activities to raise more money for the kids,” she said.