Middle Schoolers enjoy tasty mid-morning snack tradition

In the Middle

Everybody loves snacks, so why not add them to the school day? When Middle School math teacher Mrs. Jane Repp was the Director of the Middle School, she began the tradition of snacks. “We started having snacks in the Middle School when we changed the schedule to have a four period day instead of a seven period day, and that was probably ten years ago,” she said.

After that snacks become an event almost every day, for a KO Middle School student.  At first snacks were a big hit. However, “It must have been like three or four years ago and every single student government speech was about snack, and what they wanted, and what they were going to make happen for snack,” said Mrs. Repp.

A variety of snacks are offered in the Middle School, from Fruit Roll Ups to Goldfish. The biggest hits, however, are Smartfood, Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups, and Goldfish. There are restrictions though on the foods that are served in the Middle School because some people have allergies, and snacks have to meet nutritional requirements.

The Middle School gives Head Chef Mr. Brian Woerlen a budget for the snacks and he orders them.  “Mr Woerlen brings the snacks over on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays,” said Middle School Administrative Assistant Ms. Brittany Dix. “Each snack cannot cost more than twenty-five cents per person.”

Students seem to be a little disappointed on Wednesdays because there is no snack on this day, since it is a short day. “We decided that on Wednesdays that there will be no snack,” said Mrs. Repp. Friday is also a no snack day, because of advisee snack during the advisee block.

Even though Kingswood Oxford students are respectful of the rules, sometimes they want an extra snack. This is mostly when there are extra snacks that the students try and take more. Ms. Dix is the snack server, so when kids try to steal  an extra snack she has to prevent them while simultaneously having to remember who already has had a snack.

Despite this small problem, snack has been a great addition to the Middle School, and students look forward to it.