KO welcomes Mr. Gurganus

In the Middle

There is a new teacher in the Chinese classroom who has brought his experience with both Chinese language and culture to his students. Chinese teacher Jeff Gurganas has taught both English and Chinese during his past years of teaching.

Mr. Gurganas went to Watford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. “I majored in Chinese in college, and always had an interest in Asian art,” Mr. Gurganas said.

“I like everything about Chinese, from the culture to the language and the country; I like all parts,” Mr. Gurganas said. That is how he learned Chinese. He really just has a good feel for the language.  

“He is very nice teacher and he comes up with good ideas to make Chinese class fun,” eighth-grader Elliot Shani said. “Over three years my experience has showed me that Chinese is really hard and boring, but this year it has gotten a little bit less boring and easier.”

Eighth-grader Andreas Rollán said Mr. Gurganas has made learning Chinese very enjoyable.

“This is my first year in Chinese and it is really hard, but I like it a lot so far and I really like Mr. Gurganas because he is really nice and always helps me,” Andreas said. “Also we always do really fun activities in class that help me learn Chinese better.”

Mr. Gurganas is not only a teacher; he also is the assistant boys A basketball coach. He brings good energy to the team, is always positive and will always gives players a high five. “I have really enjoyed being part of the basketball team this year and have enjoyed helping [boys A basketball coach Matt] Kocay,” Mr. Gurganas said. He will be coaching track and field in the spring.

KO students said they are enjoying the enthusiasm that Mr. Gurganas brings to class and to the court.