‘Chicago’ actors wow audiences


On Friday, Feb. 24, KO’s cast for the winter musical performed “Chicago,” a story of infidelity and murder, and one of the best productions KO has ever put on.

The story line follows the characters Roxy and Velma in their quest for fame after killing their lovers.

I personally think this musical was one of the best ever put on in KO’s long history.

At least in the time I’ve been a student here (a long seven years), I can confidently say this musical was one for the books and one I will never forget.

As many people know, I am a huge fan of musicals, making KO’s rendition of “Chicago” especially fun for me to watch.

Junior Remy McCoy was  sensational, playing the convincing, conniving and cute Roxie as was senior Katie Brough who played the equally charismatic Velma.

“Remy was amazing, her voice is beautiful and I know she worked really hard for this part,” said junior Sophia Kaufman, who happens to be Remy’s best friend.

It wasn’t just the main leads who showcased their talent; senior Olivia Coxon played a Cell Block Tango girl and was mesmerizing.

“I really loved the musical this year!” Olivia said. “The whole rehearsal process was much more professional, and every single ensemble member was putting in just as much work as all of the leads. Everyone had a huge role in this show which was super nice.”  

Not only was the set design engaging and better quality than past KO shows, the level of professionalism and thespianship displayed by every actor was fantastic.

The choreography that Theater Director Kyle Reynolds created was high quality, and every student pulled it off well. The entire show oozed professionalism and passion for musical theater.

“I really like to dance, and past KO shows have not involved a lot of it so “Chicago” was a really nice change.” Olivia added.

Senior Emma Kate Johansen played Mama Morton. “I’m so proud of how well we performed especially because of how much dancing was in the show. Mr. Reynolds basically had to teach most of us how to dance before we could learn anything,” she said.

The actors worked hard to learn to dance and the audience noticed.” Senior Jacqueline Dugan said she loved how much dancing was in the musical. “I loved seeing everyone dance do their thing on stage” she said.

Senior Molly Baron agreed: “The talent we have in our music department really brought the show together.”

When the curtain closed and the musical finished, murmurs among the audience all seemed to echo the same thing: that this musical was one of the best school productions they had ever seen.

“For sure, this production was was different from last year and the set was amazing.” Sophomore Shreeya Chalikonda said.  It was definitely more talent based and the students really shined,”

“While their first performance was spectacular, they did even better on Saturday for their second showing,” Sophia Kaufman said.

“I thought it was really good [the first performance], but the performance on Saturday was 100 times better because performing in front of their friends is really hard and stressful some of the student actors said.” Coxen added, “Chicago was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to come back to KO next year to see what else the music department will accomplish.”