Senior Farewell- Lian


As the Managing Editor for News, Sports, and Investigative Journalism, we will for sure miss senior Lian Wolman on the KO News staff next year.  Lian originally took journalism in the first semester of her sophomore year and then joined the newspaper staff the next semester as a Associate News Editor.

She began journalism and the process of writing for the newspaper because her brother originally recommended it. In addition, Lian wanted to have Mr. Kyff as a teacher and he taught all sections of journalism, so it was perfect.  After crafting many different articles, Lian reflected on what she’s loved the most. “The coolest article I got to be a part of was the one I co-authored with Ben Small about an interview we had with Symposium author Colson Whitehead. We played poker with him, which I practically knew nothing about, and I asked him all the questions we had,” Lian said.

Lian said it  was such an interesting article because she got to spend time with a very fascinating and intellectual person while having fun and learning a new game. In addition, she said she thinks that the impact the KO News has made on her experience at KO is very important. She said that most of her friends don’t know what  all the unique techniques are for writing an article or using the program InDesign to format the entire newspaper, yet Lian said the KO News has held a significant role in her life.

She has been challenged to step out of her comfort zone when speaking to people in many different departments of the school for different articles. “I wish I had been able to write at least one story for each section on the newspaper during my time,” Lian said. “I have written for News, Sports, Features, Opinions, Editorials and I have an article in the Reviews section this issue. But, I do not think I ever got a chance to write for Arts or Investigative Journalism.”

Also, Lian has learned to better her time management skills because she juggled finishing homework assignments with the demanding deadlines of KO News work. With several interviews, writing articles, and editing articles, it certainly takes up time, but she said that she believes it will benefit her in the long run.

Overall, Lian says that she will miss the staff on the newspaper because at planning meetings and News Days, Lian talked to people  she would not have otherwise met. She said she enjoyed working with a fun and diverse group of people over a common love of journalism. We all wish Lian good luck for her future and hope that she brings her journalism skills on to her new journey in college.