Intramural basketball takes it to the hoop

In the Middle

Although many members of middle school intramural basketball were new to the sport this season, the team still managed to come together and improve immensely over the course of the season. While there were no official games, Coach Joshua Garrison worked to help all players develop their skills and have a good time. With so many new players, it was fortunate that Coach Garrison walked onto the court with a good deal of experience. “I played basketball in middle school and high school, I coached the boys B team last year, and I used to play some pick up back in the day,” he said.

The group itself was quite the mix, having been composed of five eighth-graders, three seventh-graders, and seven sixth-graders. Coach Garrison described the team as having boundless enthusiasm bouncing off the walls. Eighth-grader Pierce Flynn said he agreed and thought the team was a lot of fun.  

Typically, each practice was split into two different sections. “For the first part of practice we would do a lot of competitions and skill work,” Coach Garrison said, “and then the second part of practice we would play more games.” Throughout the latter half of the season, the team participated in a heated tournament, which was divided into three smaller teams: the Patriots, the Camerons, and the Champions. In the end, the Camerons won with a record of 6-3-1 and the Champions came in a close second, only losing one additional game with a record of 6-4-1. Sadly, the Patriots ended with a losing record of 4-5-0. The season concluded with a game against the middle school girls A basketball team. In the end, with the help and motivation from Coach Garrison, the intramural team prevailed 23-19. Eighth-grader and starting point guard for the girls A basketball team Jordan DiMauro said she still enjoyed playing against intramural basketball, even with the loss. “It was completely unfair because they had Mr. Garrison, but it was still super fun,” she said.

Many intramural players said they are sad the season is over but feel lucky enough to have had the chance to learn from such a knowledgeable coach. “I definitely recommend [joining the intramural basketball team] because it was a great experience and it helped me learn basketball,” Flynn said.

As for next year, Coach Garrison has shared a few of his ideas. “I plan to take the intramural team to the next level; hopefully, they will be playing some games against other schools,” he said. Whatever is in store for the team next year, it is sure to be exciting.