Girls B Basketball ends with a slam

In the Middle

This past season, the Middle School girls B basketball team had six games and won three of them. With thirty people trying out, the coaches had to make cuts for the first time in several years, sending many girls to the intramural team.  With this finalized skilled group of girls they managed to achieve one of their best records in several seasons.“We had a different range of talent as some people had played before and others were just learning this year; there was a great mix of skill throughout the team,” Coach Katherine Nicholson said.

Assistant Coach Amanda Pasko agreed. “The coolest thing was seeing how people improved. Even though we didn’t keep a close tally, you could see visible improvements as people played,” she said. While not many girls had played previously, the team still managed to attain a satisfactory record. Coach Nicholson said the girls played hard and to their best of their ability, so some of the losses were very close games. “One game was lost by only two points, it was a real nail biter,” she said. “Although winning that game would have been great, the most important thing was the girls’ growth.”

Seventh-grader Kelly Stepnowski said she really enjoyed the warm environment of the team since it was her first time playing basketball. “I had so much fun, and I was with my friends who were experienced and taught me how to play,” she said. Both coaches said they are looking forward to working with the girls who are returning to the team next year and hope to have just as many girls come and try out in future years as this year.  However, they also said they will miss players who will be moving on. “[Eighth-graders] Madi Oh and Olivia Dufresne-Achatz were a great help on the team this year and we are really going to miss them,” Coach Nicholson said.