Varsity girls lacrosse hustles their way to wins with strong offense


With the spring season fully underway, girls varsity lacrosse has faced their first few opponents. Last year, the girls went 10-8, going 3-3 in their league. They also graduated seven seniors last year, leaving them a young team this year.

The Wyverns started out the season with a tough loss against Pomfret 14-9. With such a high scoring game, multiple players stood out.

The biggest two were sophomore Victoria Swanson and senior Co-captain Mia Seymour.

Swanson came out at the beginning of the season as a strong player. She is consistent with fundamentals and a hard worker. Seymour is always there to make the play and command the field. She is someone the team can truly count on.

All of the Wyverns performed really well and excelled all around. Each of the Wyverns were aware of each other and it benefitted multiple areas of their game. The girls have a strong sense of communication and are able to play cohesively. They talked off ball on defense and ran their offense, cutting and shouting to get open so they could score as many goals as they did.

In the second game, the Wyverns continued the trend of scoring goals. Sadly, they could not pull out the win against Suffield Academy, losing 15-9.

A variety of players were dominant forces on the field, especially junior goalie Amelia Levine. Levine has been consistent in goal, making countless tough saves. Another player who is dominating is junior midfielder Angelina Maselli.

Maselli moved up to midfield this year, and has showcased her skill over the past couple games. Finally, freshman midfielder Abby McLaughlin has proved herself over the past two games, showing she can command the field and be a strong player.

Overall, the Wyverns have worked extremely hard on their offense and passing.  

This can seen by the many goals scored by various players. If the Wyverns can improve together as a team, they will become a force to be reckoned with as the young team becomes more experienced.

“My fellow captains and I have been really impressed by how well the girls have stepped up to learn more about the game and improve their own skills!” Seymour said.

In their third game, the Wyverns suffered a defeat against Taft 20-3. Even though the Wyverns lost, they continue to develop their fundamentals and style of play as a team. If they do so, they are bound to win.

The main goal the Wyverns want to tackle is their transitions. Transitions are a critical part and arguably one of the hardest parts of the game. If the Wyverns can continue to improve their transitions, they can create more fast breaks and score goals that could ultimately impact the turnout of the game.

“We are a really young team this year,” said Coach Allerton. “We are just practicing our fundamentals and they are getting better everyday.”

The Wyverns are looking to bounce back on Monday, April 22 against Westminster. The game will be tough, but if the Wyverns continue to work hard and improve, they will become a force to be reckoned with.