Mr. Garcia es el champion


Ronald Garcia has been teaching at KO for many years. He is known around campus as a fun and laid back guy. But, how good is his class, and will you actually learn any Spanish in the process? I have decided to judge his class on two categories.

One, his teaching style: how does he approach teaching a class? Two: what are the various activities and learning exercises: Does he use the same boring exercises or does he switch it up?

To start off, Mr. Garcia or “Garc’s” teaching style is very preparation-oriented. He always comes into class with packets of exercises, a Quizlet Live, or various other activities – some on the computer and some not. He is constantly creating new worksheets and packets for his classes. Once these are created and we have learned the concept, he gives us the activity and sends us on our way, shouting “attack the packet” in Spanish.

From there on out, he is there if we need him and is glad to help but doesn’t hold our hands while we do the activity. I like that. It makes me feel like I’m more independent. Overall, I feel like Garc’s teaching style is oriented to have the student be more independent, but students can always ask him for help.

Secondly, what activities are done in Garc’s class and do they actually help us learn?The most basic activity we do almost every class is a worksheet or a packet with various exercises pertaining to what we are learning. These exercises are pretty standard and normally what will be on the test. Whether it’s fill in the blank, multiple choice, or writing sentences, they all help me learn due to the fact that they resemble his tests.

Other things we do are speeches all in Spanish or writing a paragraph. Normally, Garc gives us a topic, and we create whatever we want related to that topic. These are okay because they are good practice but can get kind of boring at times.

The next activity is hated by many, especially me. This are “Vistas,” or online exercises. They are similar to the his worksheets but far more time consuming, more confusing, and less helpful. Everyone dreads Vistas because they are pointless and don’t help at all.

Finally, the best activity is “Quizlet live” or as Garc says “Quizlet Vivo.” If you don’t know what Quizlet Live is, it’s basically a game where a team is given a word and they have to match it to the correct word in Spanish. The first team to answer all the questions wins. These are really fun because these games can get very competitive, and it is especially entertaining to watch, as well as it helps with memorizing vocabulary.

In conclusion, Garc has a wide range of activities. Some are really fun  and help, like Quizlet Live, and some don’t help at all and are pointless, like Vistas.

Overall, Mr. Garcia is just as good at teaching girls tennis as he is teaching Spanish. He is a great teacher who puts in a lot of time and prepares for his classes. He uses a wide variety of teaching methods, although some don’t work as well as others. In the end, Garc is a great teacher who has taught me a lot this past year. His upbeat and fun attitude make his class something to look forward to.