Marvel: it’s better than DC


Everyone loves a good superhero movie, but Marvel has reigned supreme over DC so far in the movie category. Marvel introduces their heroes better, has more relatable villains, and their movies are just funnier overall than DC movies.

Marvel did a far better job of introducing and uniting its heroes in the first team up movie than DC did. Before the Avengers movie, all six of the heroes in the movie had been seen in prior Marvel movies. Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor all had solo movies, and Black Widow made an appearance in Iron Man 2 while Hawkeye showed up in Thor. Only Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman had made previous appearances, while Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg made their first appearances in the Justice League movie. Maybe true comic fans had already known of these DC heroes, but it left some watchers wondering who these new heroes were and where they came from. Because Marvel had already introduced their characters, fans had already made connections with them and knew who they were so it was more fun to watch the avengers grow and be able to team up. Watching heroes you’ve already learned about team up and fight together is way more satisfying than watching a bunch of people just thrown together to make a dramatic movie.  

The second reason that Marvel movies are better than DC movies is through its villains. In the Justice League movie, the villain is Steppenwolf, and alien that wants to completely take over Earth. Basically he was the typical villain that all superhero fans have seen time and time again, and frankly, who these superhero fans are tiring of. In Avengers Infinity War, the villain is Thanos, whose goal is to eliminate half of the universe to save the other half. Although both of them have sadistic views on the world, Thanos’s goal is still more relatable because he is trying to save the universe in the only way he thinks he can. Because of this effect, people related to Thanos more which made the situation more complicated for viewers because they could understand why Thanos was doing what he was doing, while no one could understand why Steppenwolf was doing what he was doing.

The third and final reason that Marvel movies are better than DC movies is through the comedy. Marvel has certain heroes that produce incredible and memorable one-liners that leave the audience in giggles, while DC movies all have a dark undertone. Certain examples of these Marvel one-liners are in Thor when Thor screams “Another” after downing a cup of coffee, or in Ant-Man  when Scott Lang says he is done breaking into places and stealing stuff when Hank Pym then has him break into a place and steal something. DC movies have no such one–liners, or they at least aren’t as good because then I’d be able to call them up from memory as I did with these Marvel one-liners. Marvel has more comedy overall and a lighter mood, with movies littered with hidden comedy, like Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame, while DC movies all have serious tones, with characters trying to get revenge or just stay alive.

Overall Marvel movies are better than DC movies because they introduce their heroes better, they have better and more relatable villains, and there’s more comedy in Marvel movies. All in all, I’ll still go watch any superhero movies because I’m a huge nerd, but I look forward to Marvel movies much more than I look forward to DC movies.