Player of the Moment: Sam Smith


by Kush Kataria ’20 and Keegan McMahon

The boys varsity baseball player of the moment is sophomore catcher, Sam Smith for having an all around great season on the field and always being an offensive threat in the batter’s box.  

Smith was chosen not only for being an all season standout player, but for also maintaining a great attitude and work ethic.

Although it is Sam’s second year on the varsity team, it is only his first catching for the Kingswood Oxford baseball team. He did not intend to play the position of catcher this year, but when asked to step in because of an injured player, Smith was ready for the challenge.

“Catching was not Sam’s natural position, yet he stepped up because of necessity and has really blossomed into a great catcher,” Head Coach Steve Cannata said.

With the season coming to an end, Smith showcased his natural talent for hitting and catching every game this year.  He has had a quite the consistent year in the batter’s box, earning a batting average of .417. Smith has stepped up his game this year and has grown into the role of leadoff batter. “I think my hitting this year has helped the team and brought in quite a few runs,” Smith said.

Smith started baseball at the age of two years old when he would play with his mom and a plastic bat and ball in the yard. Smith’s experience with this sport showcases his ability to be a strong force and powerful leader on the field.   

On April 17, Sam portrayed his hitting abilities leading the Wyvern offense with two hits. His overall batting stats for the year include two doubles, one triple, two home runs, and eight RBIs.

Smith is not only a great ball player but also a great teammate. “His great attitude and energy that he brings to practice each days makes the other players around him want to be better and have a good practice,” Coach Cannata said.  

Smith leads by example by playing hard and leaving the field knowing he put forth all his effort. Smith is the type of player that is contagious to the others around him and greatly influences the betterment of the team.

“I try and help out each player on the team,” said Smith. Coach Cannata elaborated on Smith’s role on the team. “The type of leader Smith is, is what makes him a great player,” he said.

Smith has also contributed to creating an inclusive and cohesive team where everyone is comfortable. He often includes the younger kids and strives for agreement and peace within the team environment.  “I want everyone involved on the team,” Smith said.

Smith is an all-around player, meaning he is able to play anywhere on the field and succeed. Smith was called upon as catcher this year due to player injuries and lack of interest in playing the position.

“I think being able to step in for our injured catcher has helped out my team,” Smith said.  

Smith is already looking ahead to the next game and always thinking about ways to improve his game.  Smith has already stepped into a big role on the team and from the results of it, say his teammates, Smith is going to turn out to be quite the player. “I hope next year everyone will have developed even more as players,” Smith said.

Smith is excited about next year and looks forward to seeing how everyone improves over the summer, fall, and winter seasons.