Farewell, Herrera


by David Shi ’22

While math teacher David Herrera has only taught at Kingswood Oxford for two years, he has played a huge role in the community as an educator and as a passionate coach for the JV field hockey and baseball teams. Now, sadly for us, he will be venturing onto a different path and departing the KO community.

Before coming to KO, Mr. Herrera taught mathematics at Miami Jackson Senior High School in Florida where he was a Teach for America Corps member, a program which works to confront educational inequality.

Mr. Herrera heard about an open position at KO in the summer of 2017, when he was teaching math at the Hartford Youth Scholars Steppingstone Academy.

“For the majority of my adult life, I’ve been teaching in the public school sector,” Mr. Herrera said. “I saw the position at KO as an opportunity to broaden my horizons and experience in order to become a better educator and mentor for the youth.”

Mr. Herrera said that his favorite part of teaching is one-on-one interactions as well as the mentoring aspect; he has decided the best way to combine the two is through accepting a job with Hartford Youth Scholars, where he will be the Director of Scholar Success.

At his new job, he will be responsible for mentoring students as well as providing resources to help them through each school day and the college admissions process.

While his time here at KO is one that he will never forget and has given him the experience to become a better educator and mentor, Mr. Herrera said it feels necessary to explore another path in his life. “KO really made a huge impact on my life,” said Mr. Herrera. “It’s truly a unique place where the adults care for the kids, but I could be making a bigger impact in education and in the world if I go into this new direction.”

Mr. Herrera said he feels bittersweet about his departure. “I’m sad to no longer have the day to day interaction with kids,” he said, “but I know it’s necessary and it’s something that I know needs to happen for me to grow as an educator.”

Mr. Herrera, thank you for all that you have done. You will surely be missed, and we wish you good luck on your path forward!