Showcase KO talent


Kingswood Oxford provides students with opportunities to express themselves and their talents, such as with concerts, sports games, Forensic Union’s Showcase, the annual Kingswood Oxford Invitational Tournament for basketball, “epic” coffeehouses, the winter musical, form events, and most importantly, Class Night.

Class Night, required for juniors and seniors and open to all other students, parents, and faculty, happens the night before Commencement each year and celebrates every member of the graduating class. Each senior has the opportunity go up and perform whatever they would like to, such as singing a song, delivering a speech, acting out a comedy sketch, displaying a work of art, or doing something else of their choice. Additionally, two seniors are selected ahead of time to emcee the event and they are expected to maintain a jovial environment, crack many jokes, and simply help make the night more special for everyone.

While Class Night is a wonderful event and brings the senior class together one last time before they officially end their high school experience altogether the next day, the KO News thinks that there should also be other opportunities for students to display their talent throughout all four years. For example, the KO News believes that by bringing back the Winter Assembly, where any student who wished to perform could, by creating a culture of performing at Tuesday assemblies, or by introducing an annual talent show or more social events, where students and possibly faculty do something they love either in front of their whole form or the whole school like with the prefect skits, Kingswood Oxford can help to foster a safe and welcoming community and further realize the school’s mission statement by doing so.

Oftentimes, when students run for a position in student government, they vouch to organize more form events in order to bring everyone together and make high school more memorable. However, while we do realize planning events and getting students to attend can be difficult or logistically near-impossible, it is also true that form events currently occur only two to three times a year.

Thus, we strongly encourage those students and faculty on student government to work with the rest of the school to implement more opportunities for all of us to come together and appreciate individual talents.