Coach of the Moment: new varsity football Head Coach James Wells


The boys football team began with a very strong start to their season with their new Head Coach James Wells. Coach Wells brings lots of experience and knowledge which will help lead the football team to success.

Coach Wells has significant experience in football, which qualifies him for being such a great coach. Growing up, he played center at his high school and then went on to play football at Trinity College. After he graduated college, he was very interested in coaching. “I always had very good coaches. I was influenced by those coaches my whole life, and after I was done with school I wanted to coach,” Coach Wells said. “I love the game, and I love athletics.”

Coach Wells does not just have experience in playing football, but he also has lots of experience with coaching. Before he began to coach at KO he coached at several other schools: Brown University, Trinity College, Bates College, University of Chicago, Wesleyan University in Illinois, and Oden College. He was also the Head Coach at Endicott College. Coach Wells brings his wide view on the college recruiting process. Since he has played in college and coached at many colleges, he knows a lot about how the process works. He is a perfect coach to work with the KO football athletes to prepare them for a future in football.

“Coach Wells is very good at coaching because he is always teaching us new plays and is giving us helpful tips which really improves our team’s skills,” sophomore Sam Boley said. Boley mentioned how Coach Wells has so much passion and experience in the sport, which makes him such a great coach. “Our goal is to get better each day, so in practice we want to be better than we were the last day, and once the games start, we want to get better each game we play,” Coach Wells said.

His focus is more on process than the product, so that they are building towards something at the end of the season like a championship.