Provide quiet spaces


With homework, tests, and college work mounting up around this time of year, students are encouraged to utilize every free period they have. However, with the lack of quiet spaces around campus, many are having trouble being productive.

The library, which is supposed to be a quiet space, is bombarded with loud students who are there to socialize every period of the day, including lunches. The gym, which has started to become available during lunch 1 and lunch 2, isn’t really being utilized for that purpose. Instead, only those interested in playing basketball go, while everyone else continues to use the library as a hang out space. And while Mrs. Solomon tries to keep the library quiet and tries to kick out the groups of people who are being excessively loud, many students don’t listen to her and continue to be obnoxious. The math center, which is also supposed to be a work and extra help space, has started to become more populated as freshman use it to get out of study hall, and English teachers send their students there to work on group projects.

The editorial board thinks it is important for students to have access to spaces that are quiet so students can utilize their free periods to the utmost productivity, and relieve some of that stress that comes with leaving all their homework for when they get home.

A potential solution to this issue is to have teachers open up their empty classrooms as work spaces, when the classrooms aren’t being used. We reached out to faculty, and compiled a list of spaces students can go to work during their free periods. Our hope with this is that it will help students find a space where they feel like they can work without disturbance. We would like to thank all the teachers who volunteered to provide their classrooms as study spaces.