Students hype up for Hewett Day


Spirit week officially kicked off on Tuesday, Oct. 14 and the festivities came to a close this weekend, with Hewett Day and the Homecoming Dance. There were various competitions throughout the week, the winners of which earned free admission to the dance. In an effort to build excitement, Student Government planned themed dress down days: Tuesday was internet meme day, Wednesday was tropical day, Thursday was pajama day, and Friday was KO day, where students wore black and red or any KO gear. According to senior Alex D’Addabbo, her favorite theme was tropical day because she was excited to wear a Hawaiian shirt. The winners of the dress down week were seniors Angelina Maselli, Jamie Scarpantiono and Sophia Kaufman for their tropical outfits.

Last year, each fall sports team walked out on the turf to their selected choice of music, wearing their jerseys while holding their team banner. Students even participated in a challenge to form the word ‘Wyvern,’ a picture of which was captured by a drone. Head of School, Tom Dillow and Athletic Director, Debbie Fiske also delivered some inspiring words to the athletes and coaches.

This year, there was a pep rally on Friday afternoon. Students got out of class early and went to Roberts Theater. The captains of each fall sports team gave a short speech about their season so far and talked about their upcoming Hewett Day games. Each team also created a short video in order to get everyone excited. The JV field hockey team won the video contest. Their video imitated the iconic introduction to the TV show “Full House.”

The boys and girls varsity soccer teams had games under the lights on Friday night. Many students were excited because this was the first year that teams have night games. “It’s so much more fun to play at night because more fans come to the games,” senior Mai Lin Pompshine said. The remaining teams including JV soccer, football, volleyball and cross country competed on Saturday afternoon. “Hewett day is fun because everyone is on campus, either playing or supporting their friends,” senior Bella Leuschner said.

On Saturday, there was a barbeque, and the school store set up tables so students and families could purchase their KO gear. On Saturday night, students returned to campus for Homecoming, held in the cafeteria from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.. Apparel for the dance was semi-formal and tickets cost $6.00. Students also had the opportunity to donate money to charity in addition to paying the admission fee.

Junior Sloan Duvall announced that this year’s dance was KOral reef, an “under the sea” theme. SGA transformed the cafeteria with decorations, food, a photo booth, special effect lighting, and, of course, a DJ.

With lots of activities and traditions, this week was a great way for KO to show off our school pride and come together as a community.