Player of the Moment: Wes Pierce ’20


From strong offense to even better defense, football’s player of the moment is senior linebacker and fullback Co-captain Wes Pierce, who has exhibited his ability to make an impact on the game on both sides of the ball. Pierce, a four year KO varsity football player, is in the midst of his final season and still proves to be a substantial factor to the team’s success. Pierce shared a little bit about how he likes to approach every play on offense and defense.

“With my physical play, I feel that getting the job done is what I like to focus on,” Pierce said. “Whether that is filling a gap on defense so someone else can make the play, or making the proper block on offense, I try to do my job right, and get it done fast.” Pierce was also named one of the squads four captains this season and has consistently shown his leadership skills on and off the field. As one of the team’s prime leaders, he often likes to challenge his fellow teammates to go all in during every rep or play.

“I challenge the team in the same way both during practice, and on game day,” Pierce expressed. “I try and preach the idea that maximum effort needs to be given in practice and games, and that we need to be better than we were the day before.” From Head Coach James Wells’ point of view, Pierce is one of the major influencers on the team, and his attitude is always lively.

“He never has a bad day, always upbeat and positive,” Coach Wells said. “The team definitely feeds off of him and looks to him on how to respond to the different situations teams find themselves in throughout a long season.” As for his mentality on the field, Pierce likes to stay loose and have fun because, as a utility player, he has a lot of jobs to cover over the course of a game.

Coach Wells applauds his ability to contribute to the team in many ways. “His impact on the field is not only in his ability to block, tackle, and catch, but in his ability to do whatever needs to be done for the success of the team,” Coach Wells said. “He has multiple positions that require a multitude of skills and he does them all well.”

Pierce looks forward to the remainder of the season, and hope to finish out his Wyvern football career strong.