Coffee hits the SPoT


Just a short walk from KO, SPoT Coffee, is located in Blue Back Square and in my opinion, should be much more popular among students. Whether you want a coffee before school, a quick snack before your game, or even just a place to study, SPoT should be your go-to. I usually go before or after practice to hang out with my friends and get some homework done. When you first walk in, you’re hit with a pleasant smell of coffee. It’s usually not too busy after school, but in the mornings the line can get pretty long. The seating in SPoT is copious.

There are tables along one side, some couches next to a fireplace, and a higher table area. This is a really good place to do homework, as it’s not too loud if you sit away from the register and they also have free wifi that works really well. It has a very cozy and modern vibe which is the perfect environment to just hang out. They have such a unique selection of food on their menu. For a quick breakfast, they can make bagels, omelets, breakfast wraps, or Belgian waffles (my favorite).

Their waffles are the best if you go for breakfast. They also have a variety of pastries, cookies, and cakes if you want a very light snack. For lunch, they have BLTs, different wraps, paninis, pizza, and quesadillas.

One thing I like about SPoT is how you can get a bagel and a pizza at the same place. While that might sound weird, I find that intriguing and also much easier because it’s a one-stop-shop for food. All the food, except for cakes and such, is made fresh and served warm.

SPoT coffee is very good. If you’re going to try anything from SPoT, try the coffee. That’s what they are most known for (hence SPoT “coffee”). Mark my words, it’s better than Dunkin’ coffee and light years ahead of Starbucks. You can get hot coffee, iced coffee, lattes, and more; you can customize by adding espresso shots (they have about 10 different espresso shots to choose from) or flavor shots. I’ve only had their iced coffees and I can say that they are amazing.

Like most other coffee shops, they brew the coffee and you can add whatever cream, sugar, and milk you need yourself. I love that about SPoT because a lot of other places ruin your coffee if they make it wrong. Here you basically make it yourself. If coffee isn’t really your thing, they have smoothies, hot chocolate, and milkshakes.

I haven’t tried any of their smoothies, so I can’t fend for those, but their milkshakes are very well made and they have many different ones to choose from. You can also add espresso to your milkshakes if you want caffeine in the morning but don’t enjoy the taste of the coffee. SPoT is located in Blue Back Square at 69 Memorial Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107.

Next time you’re looking to spend some time in the center, go to SPoT!