Football secures 3-5 record after close final game


For the second half of the season, the varsity football team has been on fire. With senior quarterback Co-captain Sam Capodice throwing touchdowns and a defense making big plays, the team has been phenomenal.

After a tough loss against Dexter Southfield, the Wyverns went on to play Proctor Academy. Even though the Wyverns experienced a tough loss, losing 32-29, they were able to show off their skills. “We have been battling the injury bug all year,” said Head Coach James Wells when asked what the team’s setback were. The Wyverns have been giving it their all, which has resulted in many injuries. Junior running back Justin Edwards made his first start since game one due to a foot injury.

The Wyverns had their most success in their passing game, with Capodice throwing for over 300 yards. His ability to read the defense and find weak points along with his throwing abilities made him unstoppable. In addition, junior wide receiver Nate Capodice had an amazing game. “He continues to be our most productive offensive player, running and catching the football,’’ Coach Wells said.

As for the defense, junior linebacker Sam Smith was all over the field, leading the game in tackles. He also had a nice interception, stopping the offense in their tracks. In addition, junior cornerback Mike Demio played one of his best games of the year, making multiple big plays when the team needed him too. As for why they lost, junior center Eden Nenshati responded honestly. “We just missed crucial plays,” he said. This allowed Proctor to slowly come back, ultimately winning by a field goal in the last seconds of the game.

The game against King was a different story. The Wyverns shut down King’s offense and defense, winning the game 48-14. “We had a lot of people who scored, everyone got a chance to contribute,” said Head of Football Operations Chris Morris when asked about the game. As for individual players, Edwards stood out, playing his best game yet since coming back from an injury. “Justin Edwards ran the ball hard. He is tough to bring down one on one,” Coach Wells said. Edwards dismantled King’s defense, making him impossible to tackle.

“Justin was a great blocker, giving Sam time in the pocket to make plays,” added Nenshati. N. Capodice was also a solid contributor, making multiple nice catches and scoring two touchdowns. Defensively, the defensive line stood out. Senior Joey Aiello, junior Sam Rapp, and sophomore Ben Woerlen played a great game, dominating the opposing offensive all game, only allowing them to score two times the whole game.

As for the last game of the season against Hamden Hall, the Wyverns only had one goal, to play the best game possible. “If we do that, the wins will take care of themselves,” said Coach Wells. Senior Co-Captain Wes Pierce also said that he wanted to end the season and his KO career on a high note. The Wyverns unfortunately couldn’t pull out a win, losing 42-27 at the end of the game. N. Capodice played a stellar game, having multiple receptions and four touchdowns. On defense, N. Capodice had an interception as well as some amazing tackles. Smith also had an amazing game, being a dominant player on the field as well as having a sack.

The Wyverns ended their season strong, with a lot of younger players that will return next year to showcase and develop their skills. However, they are also losing some talented seniors this year.