Sophia Kaufman: a future fashionista


Senior Sophia Kaufman has taken her interest and passion for fashion and art to the next level by starting her own clothing line called “patchmeifyoucan.” She runs it through an Instagram account @patchmeifyoucan1.

Sophia illustrates her artistic and fashionable creations through the account. She buys a variety of patches and attaches them onto a range of articles, such as clothes and backpacks, and then sells her products.

Sophia said she was inspired to pursue this passion because of a show called “Project Runway.” “A couple years ago I got a sewing machine because I was really into ‘Project Runway,’ just simple things, like sewing stuff together,” she said. “[The contestants] have a challenge. You have this item or jewelry that is going to inspire your whole outfit. Then in the end they have the final three go to fashion week in New York.”

Sophia said that she enjoyed sewing, but she wanted to bring it to the next level, so she started buying different patches to put on and started decorating all sorts of items, from backpacks to clothes to phone cases.

After a couple years, she was able to get a Cricut machine (a monogram machine), allowing her to make a wider range of design and do iron-ons, like stickers, names and logos. “I’ve done a lot [of patch ons], probably around 20,” she said.

Sophia has been very open about demonstrating her interest in fashion and design at KO. She said that she wanted to bring fashion into something at KO. She has revived Tara’s Closet as a club, an organization to raise money and clothes for people who have disabilities or don’t have money for it. “There’s a whole closet, and anyone can come and get clothes and stuff; I helped with that,” she said.

Sophia also took on the role of writing Fashionista of the Month articles as soon as she joined the KO News staff.

Each month she chooses a member of the KO community and writes an article about their fashion sense. “I think it’s cool I get can certain individuals to step out of their comfort zone,” she said.“I choose people who don’t think of themselves as fashionista, so it’s fun to get their point of view. I try to make it a fun article, so it’s a light and enjoyable to read.” Senior Audrey Decker said she thinks “patchmeifyoucan” is a really cool and interesting idea. “It’s awesome that she thought of it on her own, and it’s kind of blown up,” she said. “My favorite part is that she started it with her mom and they start bonding over that, and it’s unique and different.”

Sophia said that she wants to continue working with clothing and fashion in the future. She plans on pursuing a minor in fashion or design and said that there are fashion programs at schools she’s looking into. “I think that the art that I do is more of a personal lively interest, and I feel like you can’t take interest away from people,” she said. “I probably won’t pursue literal fashion, probably more fashion marketing, with selling.”

Sophia said that her passion for fashion and design really came from her family. She said that since her family is basically all girls, except her dad, she’s very involved with the fashion side of things and it’s been incorporated into her life a lot.

“My sisters have helped me a lot and pushed me to be more invested in designing and putting things together,” she said.


  • Luv Kataria

    Luv is a student at KO and works as the Arts Editor for the KO News. He plays on the soccer and baseball teams.