Player of the Moment: Alyssa Pavano ’20


Sophomore Alyssa Pavano has been playing field hockey at KO since sixth grade and is now a starting forward on the varsity team. She has acquired a love for the sport and therefore has had a major impact on the team.Not only is Pavano an extremely talented player, but she is also a great teammate.

She has worked hard getting the ball to the goal and taking a quick shot. She is a team player that wants to excel in every aspect of the game. Her dedication and love of the sport will get her wherever she wants to go. “She may be little but she is fierce,” Head Coach Nicole Blake said.

Pavano mentioned how she loves being a part of the field hockey team, sharing many great memories that will stick with her the rest of her life. “Our seven v. seven game against Green Farms where we won in overtime was one of my favorite memories of the season,” Pavano said.

Pavano had a great season this year, scoring a total of six goals and seven assists. Her contributions on the field have been key in helping the team secure a successful 12-5 record. “Alyssa has contributed to the team’s success in many ways. Her skills just keep improving every day. She has been working hard on quick shots and lifting the ball into the goal, which is needed in order to score,” Coach Blake said. Pavano mentioned her strength in field hockey is getting the ball up the field and into the circle to score goals, which helped lead to the team’s success.

Pavano acknowledged how much she will miss field hockey going into the winter season. “The things I will miss most about the field hockey season is having fun with my teammates in practice, and competing in the games,” Pavano said. Although the season has ended, Pavano is already looking forward to improving and having an exciting season next year.