Perkins prepares pastries


We all know administrative assistant Lindsay Perkins as an indispensable part of the Kingswood Oxford community, but many do not know of her talent and love for the culinary arts. Currently, Mrs. Perkins is the founder and owner of Lindsay Culinary, an online page where she shares recipes and pictures of what she’s baked.

Mrs. Perkins first gained an interest in food at a young age, aspiring to become a bakery owner. In her early twenties, she formally learned to cook at the Connecticut Culinary Institute with a focus on pastry and baking. She was enrolled in the culinary program, which consisted of two years worth of classes as well as a nine month long internship.

Mrs. Perkins interned at Truffles in Farmington, but she eventually realized that becoming a bakery owner wasn’t for her. Even so, she knew that she still wanted to continue to work with food which led to the creation of Lindsay Culinary. Lindsay Culinary is still relatively new and was formed just a few years ago. “It’s more of something I can do for fun on the weekends as my main focus is working at KO,” said Mrs. Perkins. “I’m glad that my experience in the culinary world has been flexible and has allowed me to work at the school and spend time on food in my free time.”

Lindsay Culinary mainly focuses on teaching and inspiring others to cook through the use of social media.“I use social media to promote the foods I cook for my family and to show others how easy it is to elevate dinner to a higher level,” said Mrs. Perkins. “On a day to day basis, I’ll usually post recipes or pictures of what I make.” Most recently, Mrs. Perkins has posted tantalizing and mouth-watering pictures of pork tenderloin marinated in finely chopped rosemary, garlic, and lemon zest.

Through her posts on social media and work from Lindsay Culinary, Mrs. Perkins hopes to spread her love of food and cooking. “I love inspiring others how to cook,” said Mrs. Perkins. “Anyone can bake a cake – anyone can do it! All you need is practice, like a sport. I want people to learn that they can do it themselves. All they need is patience, to put in the work in, and to do it more than once.”

Mrs. Perkins has also had the privilege to appear as a guest on various cooking segments on the local news. Most recently, Mrs. Perkins ran a segment at the beginning of the school year on back-to-school lunches. She has also performed a live demo in front of large crowds at the Greenwich Wine and Food Fest. While it may seem like a daunting task to many, Mrs. Perkins said she always feels calm and collected when giving demonstrations on TV and in person. “Because I’m so used to teaching classes and my minor performance background from my high school years, I’m very comfortable being on stage and off the cuff,” said Mrs. Perkins. “Truthfully, what you need to do is be engaging because how you’re selling what you’re doing is more important than what you’re actually making. The presentation is key.”

Mrs. Perkins has also been running the culinary program at Camp KO for the last five years. The first year, the program only lasted one week. However, now in its fifth year, it has grown to become one of the most popular programs and has had multiple weeks added. Through social media, Mrs. Perkins is also able to follow people all over the world that she looks up to.

“With the world of social media and Instagram, I follow people all over the world that inspire me,” Mrs. Perkins. “Even if it’s something that I know I may not be able to quite make, it gives me the motivation to keep cooking.”