Boys soccer finishes 6-3-1

In the Middle

The Middle School boys A soccer team finished this year with a spectacular winning season, establishing a record of 6-3-1. This record continues the team’s streak of consistently racking up winning seasons.

Head Coach Andy Krugman said he is proud of the team’s performance this season, especially considering that the team played some competitive opponents. “We have played a mix of skill leveled teams this year. We beat the teams we should have beat, and we lost to all of the teams that were better than us in hard-fought battles. The game against Foote was an example,” he said. Even the loss against Har-Bur turned into a positive experience, according to Coach Krugman. “The game that we lost vs. Har-Bur was our best game,” he said.

Eighth-grader JJ Hurley was new to soccer and liked his introduction to the game. “I think Mr. Krugman has made it very enjoyable,” he said. He also said he learned how to play an important position, on defense, that helped the team greatly.

Coach Krugman looks forward to working with players that will return next year. “There is an expectation that they [the returning players] will know the culture of being a year older,” he said. What is clear is that boys soccer will continue to excel under Coach Krugman’s strong leadership and with strong returning players next season.