Cross country team races to the finish

In the Middle

The Middle School cross country team finished this past fall with a strong season, whose highlights include much shorter race times, large increases in distance, and vast overall improvement for each member.

During the Middle School fall sports assembly, Head Coach Jane Repp said she was happy about the impressive number of runners on the team and praised everyone’s improvement, no matter their grade or level of experience. Unlike previous years, this time the co-ed team had many runners, all of whom were talented, hardworking, and dedicated to the sport. Because they finally had enough runners to score, the team was able to place competitively. “Last year we weren’t able to score as much because…we weren’t able to have full teams. This year we were able to score,” Assistant Coach Meghan Farrell said. “The girls and boys did pretty well.”

On top of having more runners, Coach Farrell said she believes that the team improved a lot from last year. “The team has been prepared and ready to run, and we increased our mileage,” she said. “Last year we normally ran two miles each day, and this year we have been able to run an average of three miles on average.”

Eighth-grader Luke Daughtery, a three-year veteran runner who has taken a leadership role on the team this year, said he thought his toughest school opponent was definitely Renbrook. “[At Renbrook] there is a hill that you have to run up and down, and they were trained for that,” he said. Seventh-grader Sasha Dausey, a two-year runner and standout athlete, said she agreed with Daugherty that Renbrook was their toughest rival to beat but said it was also her favorite team to race against. “There was a boy from Renbrook that was really fast, and I was always a few feet behind him. It was fun because he kept me going,” she said. Dausey is known to always put her best foot forward and keep going, which has paid off several times throughout the season as she even placed 20th out of 120 runners in one race.

Besides having a large group of returning runners, KO cross country looks forward to dominating in the next few years due to the leadership, talent, and fast times in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. This successful season has really given them the momentum with which they can prepare for upcoming seasons moving forward.