Field hockey ends season undefeated

In the Middle

This year the Middle School field hockey team achieved a successful season with an undefeated record of 9-0. The team, which consists of an equal mix of sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders, has been lead for the past decade by Head Coach Meredith Crowther, as well as Assistant Coach Sarah Nolan.

Out of all nine games, the team’s favorite one was against the intimidating West Hartford Field Hockey League, in which the Wyverns came through with a victory despite the opposing team consisting of solely experienced eighth-graders.

This, along with all the other wins for KO, only brought more power and motivation to the girls, who have improved tremendously this year. “More important than an undefeated season is just the level of improvement throughout the season, and they all elevated their game,” Coach Crowther said.

“I think their confidence has changed,” she continued. “Every year we have a new group of players, whether they are in sixth, seventh, or eighth, and they are always doing their best to remain confident.” Coach Crowther elaborated that learning to deal with competition against different schools and the variety of drills during practice enables players to feel positive about their play.

This approach has proven to hold especially true with this year’s team. Eighth-grader Chelsea O’Donnell, who has played since she was in sixth-grade, said she was happy with both her team’s and her own improvement this year. “It was awesome and the best season ever for me. It’s been fun,” she said. She explained that she has brought all her effort each game and practice, and noticed she has been playing as well as she hopes to every time she picks up her stick. “For example, in a practice session, I hit an 84-yard drive, and I got to play every minute of every game,” she said.

Similarly, eighth-grader Emma Barringer said she was impressed with how the season progressed, as well. “All the repetition and practice helped improve my confidence and skill for the games,” she said. “All of the games and practices were memorable for me. The whole season was [one] to remember.”

Looking to next year, a plentiful number of talented returning players will fill the spots of the eighth-graders. These past few months have served as a cornerstone for learning fundamental skills and improving the future of the team, and the winning streak is sure to continue next season.