Lights unite

In the Middle

This year KO students have enjoyed many entertaining ways to grow as a community. Some of the fun events this year were the games under the lights. It seemed everyone had a great time at both night games. These events also brought friends, students and families from the entire school together.

Eighth-grader Griffin O’Shaughnessy enjoyed the games a lot. “The game was a great community activity; there were many people there, you could get food, watch the game and hang out with your friends,” he said.

The Middle Schoolers had an exciting time at the games which brings up the question, what about a spring game under the lights for the middle school teams? “That would be great for middle school sports,” said O’Shaughnessy. “Especially lacrosse in the spring is a big deal, and people want to watch it.” Eighth graders Charlotte Sorensen and Sophia Radmonovich were also very supportive of this idea. “The team playing would have to be lacrosse,” Sorensen said. “That would be really fun.”

According to Director of Athletics Debbie Fiske, this is not out of the question.“I’m up for anything that gets the students excited about making their experience at KO better, but the problem with the spring is that it gets darker later which causes the problems of how late the game will go as well as the expense of the lights,” said Mrs. Fiske. “It becomes a more of a “bang” for your buck scenario.” Students also realize the challenges in achieving this goal. “That would be great if we can get around to getting that to happen,” said O’Shaughnessy. “If we really push for it starting now we could probably get that to happen.”

Even if KO is unable to schedule a game at nightime, there could still be other options. “With the SAAC group for the Middle School, we could get it to be student driven, and we are always looking for ideas that get excitement and community together,” said Mrs. Fiske.

Regardless of the time of day, a school wide athletic event would be fantastic for school spirit and promoting more connections between the Middle and Upper School students.