Olivia Gordon scores great goals

In the Middle

The Middle School field hockey team wrapped up a spectacular, undefeated season, scoring 30 goals in total, while only giving up three.

Eighth-grader center-mid Olivia Gordon, played a huge role in the season’s outcome, scoring three goals of her own along with six assists. For her efforts, she was nominated by the coaches as a standout player.

Head Coach Meredith Crowther, who has had the pleasure of coaching Gordon for two years, noted how essential Gordon’s position of center-mid is to the game. “The center mid position which a lot of time she plays is such a critical position for the movement of the game both defensively and offensively, so with her being there with her stick skills and game sense, she really has been able to distribute the ball out to the sides and up to our forwards which effectively helps us get to the goal and score,” she said.

Assistant Coach Sarah Nolan complimented Gordon for her positive attitude. “I think she always keeps the team’s morale up,” she said. Coach Crowther agreed and added that Gordon is a consistently selfless player. “If she has an opportunity to pass or shoot, but the pass is the better option, she passes because she knows that that shot is going to be a better option from the other person,” she said. “She is the nucleus of the folks on the team.”

Gordon loves the fast pace of field hockey. “I like running with the ball, shooting, and passing,” she said. According to her teammates, Gordon has fulfilled that goal. Seventh-grader defender, Macey Kotowitz, admired Gordon for always staying positive. “She just makes my day better, a lot,” she said. Eighth-grader veteran defender Chelsea O’Donnell agreed with Kotowitz. O’Donnell also added that on the field, Gordon is a big help to the defense as well. “If she’s playing mid, I know that she will always recover and come back and help us,” she said.

Gordon has surely set a good example on and off the field for her teammates. With her strong determination and positive attitude, there is no doubt that Gordon will have continued athletic success.