Player of the moment: Carter Smith


Sophomore Carter Smith is a very talented squash player, and he will be a great help to the team’s success, which is why he deserves player of the moment. Carter Smith has been playing squash since seventh grade. Last year, Smith played number two for JV, but since then he has practiced almost every day over the summer and was determined to make the 2019 boys varsity team. His perseverance paid off as he is now playing at the number eight spot for varsity. Smith worked hard during the offseason, which will help him win lots of games this season. “During the summer, I practiced with my teammate [sophomore] Henry Pelletier, during which we did drills and played games to prepare for the season as well as clinics run by our coach,” Smith said. Since Smith has practiced the whole summer, he has become an extremely talented player with lots of experience with the sport.

Smith is such an amazing player, due to his strong athletic ability. “One aspect of my game that contributes to my success is that I never give up, and I run to every ball no matter how hard they are to get to,” Smith said. He described how his determination to win really aggravated his opponent as he is able to get to almost every ball due to his speed and agility. Smith is going to be a great addition to the team; being at the number eight spot, he is making the bottom of the ladder very strong, which will be a factor of the team’s success. “I am looking forward to practicing and playing matches with my new team, and I think that our depth is really going to contribute to the team’s success,” Smith said. In the WALKS tournament at Loomis, on Dec. 5, the Wyverns took on the following squash teams: Loomis, Avon, Westminster, and Suffield. In Smith’s game against Suffield, he was very controlled through the match and was focus on winning, which lead to him winning the first game 11-3. In the second game, Smith played just as remarkable against his opponent, winning 11-7.

In Smith’s first game against Westminster he was down 7-4, but he did not allow the score to get the best of him. Smith persevered through the game and came back to win 11-8. Smith won the second match, being very composed and ending with a final score of 11-7. “Carter played exceptionally well in the tournament,” Head Coach Robby Lingashi said. “Although his opponents were very skilled, he gave it his all, and he won in a lot of his games.” Smith’s two other opponents, Avon and Loomis, both were very skilled. Smith ended up losing these games, but he played with his heart, creating a very competitive game. “I am excited to have a competitive squash season and share many memorable memories with the team,” Smith said. Smith said he is excited for the season and he believes that the Wyverns have a good chance of winning New Englands this year.