Players of the Moment: Angelina Masell


The person at the helm, leading the girls basketball team, is senior point guard Captain Angelina Maselli. Head Coach Quinn O’Brien expressed how Maselli has really stepped up. “From organizing a group chat in order to stay in touch over break to pushing for a fall league and summer leagues to spending time after practice discussing coaching philosophy and questioning me in appropriate ways, she has stepped up as a leader, ” Coach O’Brien said. He added that Maselli really complements him well, being the voice of the team in the coach’s ear. “I believe that it is not about being right but about getting it right, and Angelina certainly helps me focus to that end,” Coach O’Brien said.

Maselli has had a very strong start to her senior campaign. In the team’s home opener against Taft, Maselli had a crucial 14 points in the team’s close contest. She also made some clutch shots in the Williston Northampton match up as well, ending with 22 points.Maselli has also been a big part in developing team chemistry. “I like the cohesion we have shown early on,” Coach O’Brien said. “On and off the court she sets an example by constantly pushing herself and teammates to get better,” sophomore Natalia Correa said. “It is vital that we lay the groundwork and emphasize the importance of team chemistry,”  Coach O’Brien said. Maselli is a big part in creating this team environment. She is also the only four year member of the varsity team. “What I like most about playing for KO is the culture and the competition,” Maselli said. She also stated that she has worked incredibly hard over the previous years to develop a good culture. And it worked. “She has helped lead the team by her positive attitude,” Correa said. Efforts like these are the reason that Maselli is a two year captain.

Maselli began playing basketball in fourth grade and discovered her true passion in middle school. Maselli loves playing for KO. “What I like most about it, I couldn’t say just one thing,” Maselli said. “I just have a love for the sport.” She will be continuing her basketball career next year at the current Empire 8 champions, Hartwick College.