Tuckler says hola to KO

In the Middle

Interesting, fun, and verbal explain why Señora Tuckler is such a great addition to our school.

Señora Tuckler is a Spanish teacher on both campuses. Señora began teaching in September. So far her students have been impressed and excited in her class. “She’s a good teacher and she teaches in a different way than most of my other teachers,” said eighth-grader Charlotte Sorenson.

Señora Tuckler has taught in a variety of schools throughout her life. “I’ve taught for 18 years in Toronto, and I taught elementary and high school, and I taught in a Catholic public school,” she said. Señora Tuckler said she has adjusted to the change. “There is a big difference between a Canadian public school and an American private school,” she said.

Students have enjoyed her style of teaching. Eighth grader Ted Simons said, “We do a lot of different activities.” This variety has has helped him improve his skills. “She is a verbal teacher and it’s not all bookwork, like when we learned the salsa dance,” he said. Charlotte agreed. “I like her style of teaching because she is really relaxed overall,” she said.

Señora Tuckler is also a Spanish 1 teacher in the Upper School. Ashley Buckingham, an eighth grader in that class also enjoys her teacher. “Ms. Tuckler cares a lot about making sure her students understand the material. She is always willing to accept questions and go over topics the class is struggling with,” she said.

Señora Tuckler has been a great addition to not only our Spanish department but also to our Middle School in general. She is here to stay and her students are happy to have her here.