Zucker makes music

In the Middle

Walking past the music technology lab, you can hear spacey synths, bouncy hi-hats, and hard hitting 808’s. You may see Mr. Zucker in the lab, directing this symphony of rap and hip hop sounds. This is the e-music lab, run by Mr. Zucker.

Mr. Zucker has experienced a diverse background of all types of music. An ‘88 graduate of KO, he built his own recording studio while in high school. “Me and my brother used to make a lot of music together. I was two year pre-med and then I wanted to take a break and play music. I wound up going to Skidmore College for music,” he said.

While at college, Mr. Zucker was part of various bands. After he graduation he joined drum and bass as well as jazz bands and travelled all over the country and the globe performing. “I’ve been in all of the United States. New Orleans was especially crazy. There is just such a deep musical connection to the city,” he said.

Mr. Zucker has studied music in India and has played an Indian fusion band. He has performed jazz and blues in Amsterdam and Germany, and created various musical score for movies. Mr. Zucker’s start in music is largely in due to his family. “My mom was a pianist and I would listen to her play and sit underneath the piano. I never really took lessons until later so I would just play around with things. I had a musical family,” he said.

Mr. Zucker’s music style is always evolving. “Right now I’m in bluegrass but I studied classical music and I’ve been in a lot of drum and bass bands,” he said.

Eighth-grader Jack Decker enjoys Zucker’s teaching greatly. “He’s taught us a lot. We started off in Garageband which was a really simple digital audio workstation, and we’ve gone on to complicated programs like Fl studio. He’s been at our side the entire time helping us,” he said. “I have more respect for the people that make the beats for rap songs. After doing E-music I know it’s ridiculously hard. It’s crazy.”

Mr. Zucker has had lots of experience in the music industry, and has advice for young producers and musicians. “Work really really hard. You just gotta work hard and promote and market your music. Also, try to experiment in different genres.” Mr. Zucker is greatly responsible for my start in music, and has influenced my production and creativity. “I’m just trying to inspire kids here like you,” said Mr. Zucker.