YOU’re going to want to watch this


The show “YOU” made it’s return to Netflix with its second season released on Dec 26, 2019. After over a year since the first installment, the show’s creators had to up the suspense and creepiness.

I have three words that describe the whole season: plot twist central. If you thought the first season was messed up and weird, watch the second one.

In the first season Joe Goldberg, the main character played by Penn Badgley, is overly obsessed with a girl named Guinevere Beck (played by Elizabeth L`ail) and he goes to extreme measures, including murdering people, in order to make her his girlfriend.

At the end of the first season, his old girlfriend Candace (played by Ambyr Childers) comes back after being teased as dead. Throughout the first season, we see scenes of what Joe did to Candance and her friends, and as we watch Beck go through the same things, we can only see his psychotic nature show through.

The last scene of the first season was Candace coming back ,and they left us a year to ponder what might happen to Candace next and if she was even real or a ghost? At the beginning of the next season it doesn’t really address her arrival. It skips to setting the scene for the rest of the episodes. Joe Goldberg moves to Los Angeles even though that’s his least favorite place. He does so to stay hidden – we can only presume he is hiding from Candace or even the law for what he did in New York. He changes his name to Will Bettelheim, and it seems he also changed his ways of life.

He sees a girl named Love (played by Victoria Pedretti), and he is immediately drawn back to his prior habits but also tries to stop the urge to stalk her. Instead, it seems as though Love knows a lot about “Will,” and she might even be pulling a Joe Goldberg on him. Then comes the first plot twist, which I won’t spoil completely, but let’s just say Will Bettelheim isn’t much different from Joe.

In addition to growing a relationship with Love, Will works with Love and her twin brother Forty (played by James Scully). Forty becomes a huge part of this season as Love’s brother and also sort of as Will’s sidekick.

Finally, as a way to show how Will/Joe has actually changed when he comes to LA, they introduce two sisters who own and live in the same building as him. He grows a pretty tight connection to the younger one (played by Jenna Ortega). Added to the fact that she is only 15 years old, she is living alone with her older sister (played by Carmela Zumbado) who is an aspiring gossip journalist and doesn’t quite have her life together yet. Therefore, Will ends up playing a big role in her life for the time that they have together.

This show, especially the first season, does a really good job of putting in perspective what girls who live in the city alone have to deal with. It shows the reality of sex offenders and predators living in a very populated area. It also highlights the lengths gone for love. How far is too far even if it’s done with love? This show toys with that question a lot in the second season by involving many different characters in scandals and plot twists all while having the whole thing revolve around Will/Joe.

I personally think the first season is better because the second was hard to get through. There were many interesting and fast paced parts of the second season, but there were some lulls in the show that made it boring to watch for long periods of time. They did really well with the pace of the first one and so many different things kept happening in the first one. Granted, a lot of events occur in the second one, maybe even more than the first, but the first season is a classic and not as forced, whereas the second season seems very forced and off. I highly recommend that if you watched the first season, you definitely need to see the second because it’s just another play on the human psyche of a murderer/predator. A little disclaimer, be ready to see a lot of blood and murder. It’s not over the top, but people do die.

If you haven’t watched the first season yet, be ready to watch one of the creepiest shows ever that makes you want to close all your curtains and lock your windows and doors in the middle of the day.