Star Wars comes to end

In the Middle

After 40 years of thrilling battles, the galaxy will no longer be at war. Star Wars films have drawn fans from all around the world for the past 40 years and have earned around 65 billion dollars.

It’s because of the franchise popularity that the announcement of the ending movie series had people surprised and heartbroken. In my opinion, the series ended in an outstanding final film. The newest movie released is “The Rise of Skywalker,” the ninth film in the series.

The Star Wars plot is known to include some of the most recognizable and significant characters like Darth Vadar or Luke Skywalker. Emperor Palpatine, a sith lord in the galaxy, was a very prominent part of the new film. Overall, it is sad the saga has come to a close; however, it ended with a good finish. If I was to make some changes, I would recommend more ground fights instead of all air battles. I also hoped the movie would give us a little more background on Supreme Leader Snoke, but sadly they barely mentioned him.

If I had to rate the movie, I would give it a solid eight out of ten because of the heartwarming and sensational ending.

Student opinions of the movie varied. “I loved it! It was one of my favorites,” said eighth-grader Jack Decker. Luke had more criticism.“I liked it, I felt like some of it was a little odd because they were chasing after artifacts for a lot of it,” he said. Some did not like the ending or thought the plot was challenging to understand.

Even if students did not enjoy “The Rise of Skywalker,” there will still be more Star Wars coming to enjoy.