Boys basketball fights for a tough winning season against opponents


The varsity boys basketball team finished with a winning season, going 12-11. This is an improvement from last year’s record. The Wyverns have played their hearts out this season, dominating against many of their opponents early on in the season.

“We came out strong in the first half of the season,” manager Chris Morris said, “The new players on the team helped to contribute to the team’s success.”

Two of these new players, junior point guard Ben Merrit and freshman forward Gavin Griffiths have had stand-out seasons. Merrit has been a constant contributor to the team’s success, controlling the court as well as being a consistent scorer for the Wyverns.

Griffiths has also had an amazing season, making a name for himself as one of the best freshman in the league. His energy coupled with his height as well as shooting ability makes him a force to be reckoned with on the court.

The past few games have been up and down for the Wyverns. “The second half of the season has gotten progressively more challenging as we played tougher competition,” junior forward Jake Schwartz said. Most recently against Millbrook, the Wyverns struggled to pull out a win, losing 83-53.

The Wyverns played with Millbrook for almost the whole game, but Millbrook broke away in the last few minutes of the game. After the Wyverns fell behind, they sadly couldn’t come back.

Even though the Wyverns lost, Griffiths played a great game, leading the Wyverns on offense and playing a tremendous game on defense. “Griffith has been a consistent player throughout the season,” junior forward/center Hunter Meshanic said. “He is always ready to come out and play.”

Before playing Millbrook, the Wyverns pulled out a victory against Kent. The Wyverns dominated Kent, winning 52-42. The Wyverns had two main stand-out players: H. Meshanic and Griffith. H. Meschanic was an amazing shooter, sinking shot after shot. In addition to his shooting, Meshanic was excellent on defense, being one of the best big men on the court. In addition to H. Meshanic, Griffith continues to be a dominant force on the court. His athleticism and talent make him one of the team’s best players.

Throughout the season, the Wyverns have experienced setbacks. Junior guard Carter Meshanic recently suffered a major injury with a broken nose. “It was hard to not have Carter on the court,” Schwartz said. “He is a huge part of the team and one of the major scorers.” Since getting injured, C. Meshanic has made a full recovery and is back to dominating on the court.

Finally, as the winter season comes to a close, the Wyverns are saying goodbye to four seniors: Nick Cannata, Calvin Schumacher, Jordon Walker, and Jackson Wolff. Each senior has had a significant impact on their team and will be missed. “I will miss not having someone above me that I can look up too,” H. Meshanic said. Schwartz said he agreed that the seniors will be greatly missed. “I will miss their willingness to help younger players and their ability to bring the team together,” he said.

The Wyverns played their last two games on Wednesday, Feb. 26, against Canterbury and on Saturday, Feb. 29, against Williston. The Wyverns struggled against Canterbury.

“Canterbury is the best team in the league,” Manager Chris Morris said. “Despite this, we still played a great game.” With Williston, the Wyverns went back and forth with their opponent all game until a few lucky shots allowed Williston to break away. The Wyverns sadly lost 53-45. Overall, the Wyverns had an excellent season with a winning record, and we look forward to seeing them dominate next year.